May 052016

027The footings were dug today. Concrete will be poured next week and the frame of the building should be up by the end of the week. Since we couldn’t move Dave Crowson’s caravan we moved the building a few inches 🙂

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  1. Interesting.

    However I would like to comment generally on the new format. May be I shouldn’t as a ( now) non member but here goes.

    As an old member ( and indeed ex secretary) of the Club I liked to read ” what happened yesterday at The Mynd” as it kept me up to date to a certain extent as to what was happening as I now live 130 miles away.. I was always a keen x-country flyer ( see the Siam and other trophies – :-)) and the accounts of who did what I especially enjoyed.

    But now what is happening is just not there. OK I can see details of some of the good flights on the BGA Ladder but the day to day comments about the general flying just isn’t there any more

    Alas the new format is, to me, very disappointing.

    Don Brown

    • Good morning Don, It’s great to hear from you.
      Thank you for your comment & I’m glad that you enjoy the accounts of who did what and about general flying. This element of What Happened Yesterday will certainly be continuing without change on the new Gliding Blog (certainly once we’re back to fine weather again, which will give more opportunities for derring-do than the past couple of weeks). Whilst I appreciate your sentiments, I would ask you to bear with the new blog as our hardy band of regular posters find their feet. One of the key reasons for the change (along with giving more technical flexibility) is to include not only accounts of what has taken place, but also to use this as a forum for keeping members, non-members & ex-members much more informed about future plans & about things which are coming up soon. Thanks for your feedback – we do appreciate it, so please do let us know, as we go along, if there is anything else you would like to see on here. If you can make the trip to come & visit us, it would be lovely to see you again. Sarah Platt, Marketing

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