May 132016


A mixed week, not the greatest but we still managed two half days and one full one. Austin Hartland (Guys brother) and Guy Hitchin resoloed and plenty of circuit training for the rest of the course so a productive, if short week.

The new building is taking shape at last, the framework was up in no time and is looking pretty impressive, we will soon be ready for fitting out the interior so there will be plenty of scope for volunteer effort. Talking of volunteer work we will soon be finalising the bunkhouse roof repair which will give you even more opportunity to volunteer your time and skill.

The weekend looks very good both for xc and training, I am off for some xc training with Andy Davies, it’s never too late!!


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  1. Well, Well, Well! Finally here is, the new hangar. When I was responsible for the buildings and the land, I built the present kitchen, I was pushing for a new hangar too. Keith Was for it but the rest of the Committee thought it was too ambitious at that tome. In the second half of the eighties again I produced drawings and had quotations for a building not unlike the one on the picture. Please let me have the precise spot where it is.
    Also if you want any info on the water supply system, or drainage, let me know having installed them some 40 years ago and some later updating too, all from memory off course.
    Good luck, Louis

  2. Managed to enlarge the picture of the new building. To me it looks like this will be the new workshop for gliders and winch workshop located between the caravan site and the old workshops. Am I right ?
    Regards . Louis

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