May 202016


Some uneven patches on the airfield have been filled with top soil and then sown with grass seed. They are to the left of the drive, about half way between the gate and the turning to the club house and are clearly visible. New grass is slow and difficult to establish on the Mynd. Please, without compromising safety, keep off the patches, don’t even walk on them. (Apart from the financial cost, four members spent nearly a day shovelling, raking, sowing etc. and they will be awfully miffed if their work is trashed).

Thanks in advance for your help on this!

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  1. Having landed this afternoon and rolled to a halt at the southeastern edge of said newly seeded areas, I now realise that these areas are not on the photograph! The description above is accurate, but I was rather foxed by the fact that the photo does not show the area described.
    You’ll be pleased to hear neither I nor the aircraft crossed or disturbed any seed!
    How about a photo with a highlighted area to show where these areas actually are?

    • Thanks John – thanks for the feedback – fair point. We’ll see what we can come up with to give people a good visual idea of the exact areas to avoid. Best wishes & happy landings.

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