May 282016

A very busy club week with two guys on a course as it was the only time they could get the same week. The weather was average with one good day on Tuesday when a few of the regular pundits went cross country. Most went east for 300+K except for Jon Hall and Martin in KA who went round Snowdon, a fantastic flight in thermals. Rob tried for his silver distance but found battling into a 15knt headwind in a K6 (no downwind options in an easterly) a bit of a groundhog day exercise and managed halfway before heading back, a good effort (he got back very quickly!).

The two course members, Tim and Steve have been here before and are converting to real flying after a lifetime in jets. Tim flew Lightnings and Steve flew Phantoms before leaving the RAF and flying commercial jets. After all this they both loved the K8.

Thursday was the first of the evening courses with Steve Rudge, Mark Williams, Martin Sloane, and Suzie G R. all enjoying flying till sunset. Mark Williams did his first solo in the K13 followed by a second to prove it wasn’t a fluke.

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