Jul 022016

A few of us are away at the Shenington Regionals where LJ is still currently in second place. Nigel also had a notable achievement and scored his first official ‘get back’ in a BGA competition, the only other time he got round the scorer refused to score him claiming an invalid ‘start!’ – and so was rewarded at briefing this morning with a prize of the Kevin Atkinson book ‘Flying in Lift & G-SINK’  🙂


Unfortunately the jet stream is again giving us weather trouble, but strangely the forecasts for the next day’s weather is always very up-beat. Lets hope we can get another racing day in and the rest of the Mynd pilots can fly shotgun for Rob in his LS6. Below are some pics,

The long walk back…The long walk back...

In case you needed to know where…In case you needed to know where...

Walter says where were you? Walter says where were you?

A happy Lassetter. A happy Lassetter.



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  1. Interesting to see the landing at Silverstone. Reminds me of using Silverstone on a triangle I did in 1973 Mynd/Silverstone/Hereford/Mynd ( Dart 17r)

    Turnpoint photo – (no GPS in those days).


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