Sep 202016

Last week was buzzing with activity with the North Hill mob flying at every opportunity. We have now found a southerly model site so they can fly (and crash) models in every direction. It is always a great week whatever the weather and this week was well below average. We had one east wind wave day when a 1100′ launch gave the opportunity of a one way trip to try for the wave. Three in wave, one in a field (picked before takeoff), the Astir with Ray Staines and me in wave to 6400′. Friday provided the only ridge day with North Westerly. Check out the North Hill video

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  1. Totally brilliant video!

  2. We all had a cracking week thank you to all at MGC! We tried to trick the weather into “playing ball” by coming up for the second time this year in September not July, but despite our best efforts I think the weather won again but that didn’t stop us having a fantastic week as the video clearly shows! happy days, looking forward o mid October when we bring the DSGC juniors up!

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