Oct 182016

It was more “wondering what was going on”, some people got into the wave early on (Rob plus one or two others), the rest of us struggled and failed. I have never seen such a confused wave system and nearly didn’t get to see it at all until the second flight when it must have been a little more organised. Ray Lewis shared the unsuccessful flight with me and even though we were right next to Rob at one point he got in and we didn’t (I’m not bitter) . Steve Ward was next with me and this time we got lucky, his first wave flight, yet when we are established I still can’t point out the usual wave system pattern as I couldn’t make it out myself!. We broke off at 6800′ to return and change pilots to discover no-one was there to change so took off again but of course didn’t get back in!!!!. We had left at a point when the next move was told to push round the next bar such as it was to get upwind of corndon which looked epic, I will know better next time!!!

I will get a link from Rob who has some footage from 12000’+ (I’m not bitter or jealous).

A fabulous day with plenty of hours flown and the club single seaters working hard with plenty of members making sure the gliders were never on the ground for long.





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  1. At least you were THERE and at 7 grand! I’m bitter AND jealous!

  2. Any Wave today? Lancashire sky was full of it. And someone must have taken some picsof all the beautifulness – no?

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