Nov 112016

A nice short west day at the MGC on Thursday, with some very easy to contact wave. You didn’t have to go hunting for it, it set up on the ridge, and lasted for some hours. I flew for just under three hours, and topped out around 4100 above site, though at least one glider, with Jon and Alex, got higher, to 6000. A beautiful day, with the clouds nicely positioned so you could see the glory – typically, I didn’t have my camera ready then. It was very smooth of course, until you descended through the wave (using air brakes to lose height) at which point it got much rougher. The wind had picked up too, and was, I’m told, gusting to 30 knots or more on the ground.

The obligatory wave photo.

The obligatory climbing past the clouds photo.

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  1. The 6000 figure quoted by Jon and Alex and others was above sea so Geoff was not far behind with his 4100. I too topped out at 6000 QNH.
    A lovely day enjoyed by the few who were there.

    • Thanks Charles. I was just pretending to be not annoyed that they’d got nearly 2000′ more than me. So I feel much better now.

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