Jan 292017

A bit murky to start, but set to improve, so we unpacked at 9:30, got it all down to the launch point and retreated for coffee and waited for enough base to start launching. That happened at about 11:00. 10-15WSW but it gave a very buoyant ridge. First shower at about 13:00 (take a wild guess at what we did then!). Another shower around 15:00 but otherwise a belter of a day.

Three two-seaters, K8 and Discus, plenty of instructors on hand for checks and a good turnout. Now you’re going to ask, who else was there? Let’s see, (in no particular order, as Tess would say) … Simon and Liz, Alan S, Allan R, Harris, Darce, Coley, Den, Charles, Clive and Mark W. Jared, Carl and Steve all made excellent progress with their training.

Thanks to Steve L who was No 2, Matt for helping out with the T/L’s and of course Orch for launching us.


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  1. Yes it was an interesting day almost reminiscent of past winters, thanks to all who helped out. Please remember to drive straight down the track as the airfield looks like careless joyriders have been at it again, which isn’t good.

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