Feb 222017

The CFI has had a look at DORIS and decided he doesn’t like the  look of 80mph winds so we will not be flying tomorrow.


  3 Responses to “Thursday flying cancelled”

  1. Couldn’t understand why the wind was showing from the south as it was clearly westerly. Then realised the weather station had fallen off its perch. Wind must have been quite strong to bend the pole like that!

  2. Between the MGC and the LMSC, we have four webcams and two weather stations. Of these, just half are working – the Sarn webcam and weather station, and the brand new Mynd time lapse webcam are working. I’m not sure why the weather station is down – it was fixed on pretty well, and even in these winds shouldn’t just fall off. We (well, someone, not me) can go take a look tomorrow.

    Sarn is currently gusting up to 70 mph.

  3. Yes, the pole has in fact broken. Not sure yet if the weather station itself is damaged, but it probably is. Alasdair will have a look at it at the weekend.

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