Feb 232017

If you are picking a day to fly this weekend, the clear winner would be … Friday.

It’s hard to believe, (given that there was a peak reading this morning of 85kt W – just before the weather station pole blew over!) but tomorrow is forecast to be 15 WNW with good headroom from the start, rising to 3600ASL – and a 3 star rating on RASP!

A welcome opportunity for the private owners to open the trailer doors!

If you are interested in two-seater flying, please book via mgcbooking@gmail.com. If there is sufficient demand, I’ll help with instruction, and maybe others will too.


(Saturday and Sunday, I’m sure, will be great social days as always at the Mynd, though currently the flying side looks a little more doubtful – but hey, what do I know!!?)

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  1. Grumble grumble the wife’s birthday grumble grumble.

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