Apr 152017

A good turn out from the members today, RASP promised good things so Laurent, Dominic, Rob Hanks, Mark Sanders, d’Arcy, John Randall and Mike Greenwood rigged their respective machines and launched to the South with the ridge working well. The sky to the West was a combination of ridge lift with some good thermals to +5 but suppressed by wave, certainly the sky looked better to the North and East.

The K23 and Discus spent the day being flown by members, Neal flew myself, Jared and Martin Sloan in the K13 whilst Walter took care of the Air Experience flights.

The K6 Mob, Peter Turner, Steve Male and Nigel Holmes brought their gliders back on site, Peter and Steve rigged their E and took it up the wire to blow the dust off.

John O’Reilly and Den did a great job keeping the launch point in order and thanks to Dave Brown in the winch along with Fay and Jane keeping us all fed.

Nothing posted on the Ladder yet but hopefully those brave enough to venture on XC made it back safely.

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  1. You forgot to mention Christof’s 5 hour duration Silver leg in the Discus and Mike’s wave climb to 10,000ft defeating all the other local pundits! and not to mention Rob’s mammoth struggle back from south of Talgarth. we also had a visiting Surrey Hills twin Astir that was on its way to Lleweni Parc but found MGC instead who also had a very nice time of it. So yes a truly classic Mynd day with ridge lift available all day when after your third or fourth cloud didn’t work due to wave suppression it was a case of back to the ridge.to start again.Great fun.


    • Thanks for the update Darce, I was on my way home by 14:00 so missed the bar banter in the evening, congratulations to Christof, a great achievement.

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