Aug 062017

Another great day at the Mynd to follow on from a great Friday where 494 & KA visited the Welsh coast and Cadair Idris. Saturdays start was delayed by a couple of hours rain but once this passed the skies opened up and soaring was had till 19:00hrs. Paul Fowler, Matthew Cook, Guy Heartland & No.1 Mike Witton all helped out to give 2192 squadron from the north of England two flights each with some managing 8kts thermals and many 4-6kts ones. We were quite fortunate though as QueNim after QueNim lined up to our north running through a line of Shrewsbury – Kiderminster. Orch who likes storm chasing, visited Shrewsbury and reported lots of rain. Below are some pics and a vid from Sam of his flight with Guy.



TwinAstir+5kts (See the TwinAstir can do +5kts too)

And now the video (if it will load – which it won’t so will have to YouTube it somehow.)



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  1. Once again, 2192 must give grateful thanks to the club for putting up with us and for providing excellent hospitality, facilities and most of all friendship, the gliding isn’t bad either. We’re all looking forward to the next time, even Dawn who is pleased she won’t have to stand on the bench again!
    Thanks again, Dave and Rob.

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