Aug 212017

So far the weather has been a bit unkind.  On Saturday a small task was set but the conditions weren’t great at all and the entrants decided to keep their powder dry.  Yesterday was a triumph of optimism.  All the forecasts were positive and Worcester racecourse,  Leominster for the “open” class was set with Worcester out and return as the club class.  Unfortunately the actual weather hadn’t seen the forecasts and it turned out to be quite tricky.  Steve Ward did his second engine off landing of his flying career by landing the ASW 19 in a superb field.  Mark Sanders won the open class, he was very close to getting back.  Rob Hanks flew the task to show us all how it was done and got back.  Fingers crossed for improving conditions over the rest of the week.

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  1. Hi All,
    Any chance of showing Task Week results on the Net as it would be great to see how you’re all doing.
    Nigel H

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