Sep 082017

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  5 Responses to “Holly talks to the Shropshire Star about Gliding at the Mynd”

  1. Great interview. We should use this in our publicity materials, youtube channel, etc.

  2. I think it was her mum that got that bit wrong. Although she has been flying with Nigel…

  3. The lady who my mum spoke to misinterpreted the task week field landings with what normally happens. My mother was not happy. Woops. What kind of string do we normally use to launch the gliders? Ha ha!

  4. As Holly’s Father i am extremely proud of her achievements. She is a shy but very determined young lady. My thanks and gratitude goes out to the Midland Gliding club and their Instructors who give up their time to get these youngsters off the ground. But not only the instructors. From the individuals who work on the aircraft to ensure they are in tip top condition to the winch drivers and chefs in the kitchen. Also the people behind the scenes who sort out all of the schedules and reams of paperwork and the cleaners that keep everything tidy. The club is a massive team effort but has one outstanding feature that many other organisations lack. This is very much an inclusive bunch of people from all walks of life and backgrounds, but with a sense of humor and down to earth attitude rarely seen anymore.Long may it continue. Finally we would like to clarify that the winch cable is not made of string and that the comments about friendly farmers and landing in fields was taken out of context. “We all know that farmers are not friendly” The comments were made during a discussion about Task week and related to one or two individuals that didn’t make it back. As a parent my main concern is the safety and well being of my children. The clubs safety procedures are impeccable and we have complete faith in their abilities to keep our children safe and ensure their continued pursuit of this extremely safe and rewarding sport.

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