Oct 052017


I seem to have got out of the habit of blogging, but a good westerly week with wave is worth sharing. I have been running a half course and it has been one of the best October weeks I can remember. The ridge has worked every day so far with good wave on two days, Tuesday and Thursday. Two flights into wave today, the first began to peter out at 9400’amsl and the second time we broke off in 4knts at 11900’amsl!!!

Wednesday, Kevin Burns, a visiting pilot managed 4hrs35 of his 5hrs duration on the worst day of the week shot down by deteriorating weather .

If I can retrieve some photos from my P2’s phone I will retrofit them to this blog.


This photo is from the first wave flight which didn’t get so high.

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  1. Yes, it’s a bad habit not blogging. More blogging. And more photos please.

  2. let it last until next Wednesday then…please let it last!!

  3. THREE flights into wave today, actually.

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