Nov 102017

Well there was wave, two of us motored in, you could say it was cheating and you may have a point!. However after putting the time in and still not connected properly at 4500′ QNH I thought that seeing as I was going to fire the engine at some point during the flight anyway I may as well fire up now and use it to get into the wave.

I only needed to gain 800′ feet and move forward a little and there I was. Climbing to 12000′ as I didn’t have oxygen with varying rates of climb, typically 2-3 knts and occasionally 4-5knts. Traveling upwind was a challenge with 55knts headwind slowing down to climb would easily see me flying backwards!. Eventually I got to Vyrnwy when things changed, a normal looking jump to the next bar left me in amongst the cloud in a hole that wasn’t working!!!. dropping out of wave over the middle of wales was not part of the plan! Never mind all character building stuff so I had to fly home under the cloud with plenty of fall back plans that I fortunately didn’t needs.

The only pure pilot was Mark Sanders in 445 (KA also tested its motor) He managed his gold height and now has a completed gold badge.

The wind was quite wild in the morning so launches were delayed until Rob felt it was worth a Met flight, those who launched later when things had calmed somewhat had a ridge day which eventually produced showers (about the time that I fell out of the sky at Vyrnwy!).

A mixed day, definitely wavey and a good example of the problems of a high inversion, approx 5000′ feet today, much easier at 3500′.


  2 Responses to “It was definitely duck”

  1. Well done Dave for calling it and Mark for using it.
    All I saw was the duck’s bottom from below. When I did get into 2knots on the line from Linley Hall to Bishops Castle I got rained on and had to scuttle back to the hill for the 20th time this afternoon.
    RASP forecast weak week at 850mbar and only stronger above that, which matches the inversion height. The more I fly in RASP predicted wave the better I think the model is.

  2. Great post Dave. Lancashire having a beautiful day today 🙂

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