Nov 202017

South Hitch rail.

The south rail electrics have been uprated and now are fully weatherproof and have two spare outlets. One of you is not yet connected as you have used 4 core three phase  cable and I need to know  how you have wired your socket! Let me know who you are and I will check your plug and connect you.

North Hitch rail.

We need a team to help dig a short trench so that we can install a power supply to the North hitch rail. I need to know how many of you are interested a power supply to your trailer. The cost of the cable will be approx £100 divided amongst all that use it. If you haven’t bought into Mac and Steven’s 4 way hookup you will need to pay your share of a box, plus consumer unit, plus meter. This will be approx £160. The only other expense then is a RCBO £15 ,1.5mm three core hituf cable to reach your trailer 80p/meter and the socket and plug at the trailer.

So an initial outlay of £260 for the power supply and distribution board plus approx £40 to get to your trailer.

So first let me know if you are interested, then let me know if you have a strong back and can help dig, we can then put a duct in. You will be glad to know the duct is free!


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  1. Too late for me to withdraw now I suppose 🙂 and PZ will appreciate it.

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