Feb 162018

Two flying days on the trot! Thursday was a character building westerly, a bit too character building at times with a delayed start and an early finish as a result. However there was never any doubt that the ridge was working. So it became glass two-seaters only with Simon in the astrir, me in the 21, and Mark trying to finish off his conversion in the Arcus.

Friday has been a much calmer affair. Plenty of people to fly. apologies to Brian, John and Ian who missed out as it was so busy. Nick LeGras converted to the K23 and Andy Rands went solo (he has soloed numerous types of aircraft but this was his first glider outside of the ATC) So numerous check flights, numerous cable breaks and plenty of circuits. At lunch time there was even a good soarable slot.

On the subject of running out of day if those of you who can get here early can aim for 8.30 then we can get the hangar unpacked. Today by the time a quorum had arrived it was easily 9.30 and it must have been 9.45 at least before the unpacking started. If we can get the gliders out earlier we get more done and fewer people will miss out.


Tomorrow looks good. A 10-15knt westerly that even has a star rating from12 til 2.

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  1. An 8.30 start? As a fairly new member I did originally start arriving very early. Sadly experience has shown that things never get started till later. If a Briefing and clear start time could be agreed, say 0930hrs every flying day, I’m sure things would improve.

    Not a moan but an observation. I’m all in favour of sharpening up the operation but I think we need more clarity.

  2. Fair comment John, but of course every day is different.
    To all No 1’s, I’d say we have the perfect tool with the WhatApp group to make these sort of calls. Try using it to post, the evening before, an intended unpack time based on the expected activity and/or the latest weather predictions.

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