Mar 012018

For those who look at the wind speed recorded by the weather station you might be interested to know that it under reads in an easterly. The origional anemometer has frequently shown 60knts whereas the weather station has shown 40-45knts. The indicated wind chill has been -15*c so the true chill factor is at least -20*c. I can vouch for this as I have been outside a few times to gather parts and tools to fix frozen pipework. I have never known it any where near as cold as it is at the moment. Whilst replacing an isolation valve from the main water tank that had been split due to freezing, the water dripping out of it was landing on the boarding underneath it and freezing. water being caught in containers was freezing!!! I found all this whilst trying to restore the water supply to the clubhouse. Yesterday this was easy with the use of a blow heater, Today this failed miserably, so we have no supply from the west face, no supply to the showers and toilets and now not even a supply to the kitchen. We have been reduced to melting snow which is surprisingly dirty. Whilst trying to defrost today the leak resulting from the defrosted split valve dripped through to the corridor floor by the freezers and immediately froze into a sheet of ice!!

So if you have any notion of being adventurous and walking up to the club be well prepared. Arctic standard clothing, Water, and go to the toilet before you set of!! we can feed you and boil water on the cooker for a hot drink.

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  1. As always, I take my hat off to you heroic people keeping the club going in difficult periods such as now.

  2. Agreed, many thanks for all you are doing for the club.
    Take care and stay warm?!
    I guess the beer is frozen too?
    Cheers, Charles

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