Jul 212018

Quite an extraordinary course week, we managed to get all but one solo including three first solos. Then we converted all but two of the solo’s into the discus. Plenty of soaring including a five hour thermal flight and 222 launches loosing Friday afternoon to rain!!! (almost forgotten what that was like).

Then I took the last fight solo, I took an aerotow from Denbigh then thermalled away up to Snowden then set of for the Mynd. When thermalling away from Bala town to cross the Berwyns Helen said it was time for bed so I landed in a field and switched the simulator off.

I was quite impressed with it though the head tracking takes a little getting used to, it makes flying a circuit much easier. So the simulator is working, it just needs a bit of tidying up and I have yet to get the trimmer working.

I will produce a list of instructions for starting it, a process I hope to streamline soon. So many thanks to Geoff  for the instrument panels, Roger for his welding and fabric work and to Rob French for his tech support and computer rebuild  skills.


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