Nov 192019

My OP has been cancelled so I am on this Thursday and Friday. The weather is not the best I have seen but the more optimistic sites have Friday morning as the best.

Thursday; 28-30Knt SE, with high probability of low/orographic cloud.

Friday; 26-28knt (rasp 20knt) Southerly backing SE in the afternoon. Slightly less probability of  low/orographic cloud

Saturday; 25Knt E, Norfolk and chance spring to mind, or Rasp 15Knt ENE a bit more of a chance. High probability of low/orographic cloud.

Sunday; 25+Knt Southerly even higher probability of low cloud.

On the plus side there will be plenty of pictures of very nice weather on Saturday night, on the minus side we had a clerical error with the menu, the Lamb Shank is £9.00 not £8.50 as advertised. If you intend to eat with us it will help if you can order beforehand  phoning Helen 07547434799 or emailing me, davecrowson56@yahoo.co.uk

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