Nov 272019

I am late posting this as I didn’t have any confidence in the timing of all these fronts. I am only slightly more confident now but if I don’t post today it will be “that was the week we had!”.

Thursday: Starts very well, 15knt westerly but deteriorates as an occluded front arrives lunchtime then it  gets miserable as it rains, the wind veers and slackens

NEWS FLASH; There will be an unusual celestial event Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Wall to wall sunshine,a phenomenon unknown on the Mynd for a number of weeks.

Friday:      Sunshine with a light Northerly

Saturday: Sunshine with a strong North Easterly (possibly too strong but don’t discount it)

Sunday:    Sunshine with a 10/15knt Northerly

Don’t forget there will be a members evening on Saturday where you get a chance to voice out loud  all your moans and wish-list for the present and aspirations and hopes for the future. This is a much better forum than the canteen table!

There is also a menu out already for Saturday night so let Helen know if you will want feeding.

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