Dec 292019

A brisk southerly (hopefully not too brisk!) with plenty of sun. Simon is on duty so come on up and buy some launches. This is the last day as new year’s eve is a brisk easterly!!

Helen is doing curry night on Monday and steak night on Wednesday. There won’t be any food from the kitchen new years eve as those involved have usually organised a takeaway. I am not sure if anything is happening so if anyone is planning anything please let people know.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Yes, one and a half days orographic cloud finally gave way to a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon and some wave rotor off of the southerly wind that had quite a marked wind gradient to it. Simon was almost pleased with his K21 re-work during its annual ARC and certainly was very shiny. After what seems like weeks and weeks of very little weekend flying it was good to get people in the air and i think the club is open all week.


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