Jan 152020

I will try again.

Those who may of compared last weeks forecast to the weather that actually occurred may have spotted a slight discrepancy!! After looking at the various forecasts at 9.00pm Wednesday night Thursday, rather than being a bit of a damp squib with a window of opportunity early afternoon turned out to be flyable all day with a good westerly.

So here goes:

Thursday       Very poor wet, cloudy, very high Southerly winds

***Friday             Probably the best, 20knt WSW (or Just North of west depending on which site you look at) The warmest day          with a reasonable amount of sun

**Saturday        15knt NW  A little less warm but a nice day a good amount of sun and some cummulus

*Sunday            5-10kntNNE backing NW and reducing in strength. The coldest with much less sun in the afternoon with               possible orographic and canopy misting to finish the day

So, yet again three flyable days, if there are any instructors willing to help on Friday I am sure there will be a few people to fly.


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