Jan 192020


Further to Jon’s post, I’ve volunteered to coordinate club entries for the Wenlock Olympian Games 13-17 July.

To learn more about the event, click here

So if you’re interested in taking part, flying the K8 or K13 (whether as P1 or P2), either for the full week or maybe just part of it, let me know, either directly or via the office.

Let’s fill the sky with ply! (… and a quantity of steel tubing)

Mark S

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  1. Hi Mark,

    I am interested in provisionally, hiring either the K8 or a K13 for the week, or part of the week. With the K13, I would prefer to be P1, flying anyone who is bronze+(?) or solo if there are no takers. If anyone else wants to take any of these aircraft, I wish to bow out and let them fly.

    Kind regards,

    Allan Reynolds

  2. Hello Mark,

    I’d like to use a Club aircraft to take part in the games. As yet, although I have my Silvers, I have yet to land-out in any glider, so would prefer to fly as P2 if in the K13, if the P1 already had done this before. So, having read Allan Reynolds’ comment, we might make a compatible team!

    However, I feel pretty confident in landing the K8 in a field if I had to, and if flying that aircraft was an option, I would like to do that also.

    Regards, John Kingsley

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