Feb 242020

The weather models are all liking Wednesday (26 Feb). Once again it’s 20-25 kt on the ridge and with thermal predicted to 4000 ASL, RASP is currently giving it a heady three and a half stars, which might even tempt some private owners to rig – mine’s still on ground risk until Sunday, unfortunately! There is hope for some of the days following, but absolutely no agreement between the models as to which those days might be, so I’m saying nothing, because there’s currently nothing to say.

Anyway, back to Wednesday …

 Can we tempt enough of you to  make a day of it?

I can run the field and instruct; Orch has once again very kindly offered to launch us.

If you are up for it, please make yourself known by teatime tomorrow and we’ll firm up on a plan.

Cheers, Mark S

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  1. Mark

    I would be keen to fly on Wednesday, with the poor weather over this winter I am in danger of becoming “ground happy”.

  2. Must be worth a try. Thanks

  3. Thanks to all those who expressed an interest. Unfortunately, overnight snow and related concerns about the viability of access to the site by road, has led to us scrubbing the day,

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