Jun 232020

Wednesday … Hangar doors open at 10:00

Thursday … Hangar doors open at 10:00 (nominally) may be subject to a weather call if there is is too much easterly component – That call will be via WhatsApp group

WHATSAPP – a word to the doubters.
WhatsApp is increasingly proving to be the tool for the job when it comes to making quick messages about flying on a particular day
1. It’s much quicker than the blog for us to send – no need to log on or wade though the random WordPress editor!
2. It’s much quicker for you to receive – this post won’t get to you until about 45 minutes after I’ve sent it. WhatsApp is instant
3. We have lives – we can’t continue indefinitely to double post – WhatsApp and blog
4. Everyone can be a contributor, not just a select few – you’ll get better information
5. It works via phone data and wifi
6. Everyone has a smartphone these days – they REALLY DO I’m afraid.

I think that there is a resistance to getting caught up in the world of social media that may be putting some of you off taking the plunge. I passionately don’t “do” Social Media, but WhatsApp just isn’t social media – there’s no log in, no personal details to enter other than your mobile phone number, no advertising, no “liking”… The channel is just for Mynd based gliding messaging and we’ll take a dim view of pictures of what you had for dinner, amusing cat videos and other social media dross. It really is just a BETTER FORM OF TEXT MESSAGING.

Please, please give it a try!

See you tomorrow


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  3 Responses to “Flying this week on Wed 24 and Thu 25 June”

  1. Hi Mark, it’s a few years since I flew but I enjoy keeping up with life on The Mynd. Just to add to your What’s App comment. Definitely, I am running an online bridge group at this time and the chosen means of communication is What’sApp. All I need to know are members mobile telephone number. No adverts, no pshing, no strangers looking in. Simples.

  2. Hello Mark.
    Covid-19 saw off my wish to join MGC as a full flying member this year having attended innumerable courses over the years. I keep in touch via the blogs etc. with the expectation things will improve. Having said that Point 6 of your What’s App comment begs the response “Everyone doesn’t have a smartphone these days-they REALLY DON’T I’m afraid”. I don’t, nor does my wife, so where does that leave people like me? Another lost opportunity for MGC to gain a future member? Incidentally, the discounted membership offer; how does that work for novice pilots like me who need an instructor yet social distancing ( AND common sense ) means the cockpit is simply too small.

    • Hi Bob
      Nice to hear from you. The blog will continue to offer the reports as it always has done. You should also look at the Club’s Facebook page, if you haven’t already done so. (“Find us on Facebook” from the home page of this web site). No Facebook login is required in order to view this information – there is lots to look at.
      The WhatsApp group is used for instantaneous day-to-day operational information, and as such is only available to current members. Many of our members are exactly the same as you, and choose not to avail themselves of this channel. They just turn up and fly as they always have done.
      Regarding the discounted membership offers, clearly none of them are going to be particularly attractive to someone needing dual flying when dual flying is not allowed! Hopefully that will change soon, July 4 seems to be the day, but the formal advice on the subject from the CAA/BGA is still not published.

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