Jul 282021

My apologies for the length of time this has taken. The good news is that the LMSC weather station is back up, and has been working for the past few days, so that is now live on the site.We’ll need to continue checking it, but it seems ok – if anyone thinks the readings are wrong, please post here, or email me direct at geoffm@directlearn.co.uk

(Having just written this, I realise it’s probably a stupid thing to say that it is working now….. but let’s hope so).

The MGC weather station still has to be fixed, and we still need to order a part for this. The MGC cams are working, both static and time lapse. The data overlaid on the static cam is wrong.

The LMSC cams will be back on the site shortly – I may well have broken one of them constantly erecting and taking down the weather station pole….

Again, sorry this has taken so long. We were hit with a number of issues, unrelated, within the space of a few weeks.

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  1. Once again we had a great weekend with the Junior Winter Series, which kicked of this year at the Mynd. On Saturday, in spite of it being a great soaring day, we achieved 102 launches. Go Juniors!

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