David d'Arcy

Jun 022020

For anyone travelling from Norbury direction to Ratchup (Ratlinghope) with a trailer – DON’T, as the road is shut for three weeks at the narrow bridge below Wentnor, south of The Inn on the Green. (slightly clearer now) Cars shouldn’t have a problem making the detour, an 18ft trailer would be trickier. Suggest if approaching Ratlinghope from the south with a glider trailer in tow, using Wentnor as the go round.


Mar 152020

Patience was required after a wet start but once that was through soaring was available till late late afternoon when squall of showers saw us finish for the day. Initially steady ridge lift that softened, and then went thermic to about 3K5 QNH, although i wouldn’t know because i had no beep beep beeps in the cockpit, and therefore couldn’t soar! Good to finally get some proper thermals in plus soaring. Thanks to the duty team for making it happen.


Dec 302019

Well as predicted another very nice day at the Mynd, with gentle wave at the end of the wire for most not going to great heights but keeping people in the air none the less. A little training was undertaken also and i think all had a good day out. Thanks to Simon & Liz for winching and everyone else for helping out and making it a great day.


May 202018

Another fantastic day at the Mynd. Not too hot, not too windy, not too wet, not too busy! Robert (and Lassetter) wanted to go to Barnsley I think RASP had something to do with this, however, he wasn’t on his own as the big EB28 also went there. 494 got within spitting distance but turned back in favour of getting home for tea. And got the virtual ‘Plate’ back off of Camphill having turned the club (low). Darce, Mikee, Liz, Simon, Clive & Roger Ellis in LUV all left site and had good flights. Not quite as good as that super ‘Aim higher’ Thursday which is still missing a number of BGA ladder entries, btw. Amongst other things donated by Den, a new grass cutting machine (shiny & red) was put to work and seemed to make easy work of the caravan site and lawn (thank you). Next weekend we are away Rockpolishing at Aston Down.


Jan 202018

Well I must be the only one to have believed the Thursday / Friday weather forecast for today, and well there was the fact that I was on duty also, but sadly it was another non-flyable day. (sad face) Good exercise walking up the ill though.

Darce. P.S. Happy Birthdays to Den & Cole’y (22nd)

DSC00069 DSC00002

Aug 062017

Another great day at the Mynd to follow on from a great Friday where 494 & KA visited the Welsh coast and Cadair Idris. Saturdays start was delayed by a couple of hours rain but once this passed the skies opened up and soaring was had till 19:00hrs. Paul Fowler, Matthew Cook, Guy Heartland & No.1 Mike Witton all helped out to give 2192 squadron from the north of England two flights each with some managing 8kts thermals and many 4-6kts ones. We were quite fortunate though as QueNim after QueNim lined up to our north running through a line of Shrewsbury – Kiderminster. Orch who likes storm chasing, visited Shrewsbury and reported lots of rain. Below are some pics and a vid from Sam of his flight with Guy.



TwinAstir+5kts (See the TwinAstir can do +5kts too)

And now the video (if it will load – which it won’t so will have to YouTube it somehow.)



Aug 032017
A few pics of my landout field on Sunday, showing a lovely blue sky one way and a passed CuNb the other that did actually thunder, but no lightning. And before you ask, in the meantime i dried off the glider with a canopy cloth.
Jul 292017

The Mynd get podiums 1st, 2nd & 3rd at the Hus Bos Regionals on day 2(today). Way to go Mynd! Fran & Jonny Roberts came in a close 4th. JF (Julian Fack) was 1st followed by Mike Witton and yours truly 3rd.  All Mynd gliders got safely back although conditions were so dire KA decided on making use of the turbo, Simon even managed to do the 3rd leg twice! This leaves Mike Witton in overall 3rd place, a fantastic result for Mikee. Unfortunately there are no pictures due to poor light and rain, although Fran did record their final glide in today – so I’ll ask after a UTube link.


Jul 072017

Following on from Simon’s Cross Country week, seven Mynd gliders are attending the Husbands Bosworth regionals (22-30th July) competition and this would be an ideal time to come over and have a look to see how it is actually done, and maybe if you can spare the time to also help out with a bit of crewing, as I for one would definitely appreciate it (beer & food tokens available).


Jun 122017

Mynd members turned out in force again to help with the road re-surfacing works Friday 9th- Sunday 11th June. Tim Mason, Charles Carter and Howard Bradley lead the operations helped by many a member and should be thanked by all. The chairman was even seen with a camera in his hand and I’m sure has better pictures than me.DSC00017 DSC00018 DSC00023 The weather wasn’t as bad as the camera makes out, but it was close!

I also found Mark’s pet sheep in the new MT shed!

DSC00026 DSC00024


May 152017

An interesting day in many guises. For those committed and early up and away a great time was had in north Wales. See Paul Shuttleworth’s day pics at;


Yes that really is the wind farm off of Rhyl. Apparently there was an unrefusable cloud street, however, on turning around and poking back into wind landing on the beach was a distinct possibility. Sadly, on returning back to the shire they found their passage blocked by a wall of showers and dead air which also brought down Rob Hanks who also tried out the Clwydian ridge flanked by the gliding clubs Lleweni Parc and Llantysilio. Others; Mac, SAdlard, Dave Rance tried the south and again were met with showers, but strangely none actually made it to the Mynd although threated many a time. And I out climbed a K8 Harris! (will probably never happen again 🙂 ) A strange strange day.

DSC00004 Can glider trailers really be that small?


May 072017

An unbelievably miserable day with low cloud and mist / rain till mid afternoon (and it was cold to boot) – however, that did not stop those present from getting MGC jobs done most notably working on the K23 trailer. Even though lots of good progress has been made Rob reckons there is still a good couple of weeks left still to do. So Silver distance pilots looks like its the K8 (a man’s glider) for you in the meantime.

DSC09998 DSC09992 DSC09993 DSC09994

I was forced to take the picture of Cole’ly, as they said it was his first bit of work all day – how unfair.


Apr 162017

Looks epic for a few days. BBC are predicting a temperature difference of -7 to +16  on Thursday!! Which buy the old rule of thumb should give almost 8,000ft! But well see. Good luck all.


Oct 052016

Well what a fantastic club day we all had on Sunday. Strangely enough there were plenty of annual check flights taking place which resulted in lots of cable break practice. However, since the thermals didn’t turn up till after lunch this wasn’t much a problem. I counted four new members joining in with plenty of our regulars at the launch point helping out when not in cockpit learning more flying skills themselves, and was great to see. When the thermals did turn up, sometime over lunch, conditions were actually good for the time of year and merited going somewhere, although I didn’t – but maybe 493 or 494 did. 882 was also out and about too. So a really excellent day was had by all, in stark contrast to Saturday where even when it looked to have had stopped raining and a allowing for a walk we returned drenched!


Sep 062016

Hi all, just thought I would post the published results for Task Week Friday 26th Aug. I believe Mike Dodwell and Orch also set out on Task and i think Mike might actually have hit the deck before me. Orch came down somewhere near Worcester at the end of the day and needing three men for the de-rig became a bit of a problem since be this time Hazel was fast running out of bodies to ask. Incidentally, Orch asked me if i’d fetch him; Nige (K21) said he would fet me, and we all three landed out!! My saving grace was that after a five hour retrieve, for 22k away, i was so late back i couldn’t help out (not that i was in any fit state too). Oh, and the task setter Rob Hanks also got round. Congratulations again to Mark.

MGC task week Day1 26-08-2016


Aug 312016

The 200k I should have done on Friday

A gorgeous Bank Holiday Monday and also, much to everyone’s surprise, a good forecast for a soaring day – what more could you want. Steve Foster kindly offered to run the day from a No.1 perspective and Simon Adlard also helped out with some annual checks which unfortunately for him took a little longer than planned (I think there was a change of retrieve winch in here somewhere) and delayed him getting airborne in his Ventus. 688, PZ, JEP, 494, 445, 288, and the Turner/Reilly Ka6 all flew and had a nice time of it. Cloud base was only 2k2 above site before lunch but the thermals were strong and local soaring was good with hangliders and paragliders a plenty too. An hour later cloud base was up to 3k and I made my second attempt to leave site and attempt the task from last Friday’s task week of Willersley, Evesham, Leominster, Mynd (200km). Second attempt, because the first one had a Friday déjà vu feeling to it where I ended up very quickly in a field 22k away! I have to say halfway down to Hay I was thinking about just doing the 1st TP and home as the CU was scraggy and sky a little confused. However, climbs were easier to find than Friday so I pressed on and then connected with this massive convergence which I almost passed by as I wasn’t convinced it went near enough to TP2. 70kms later and almost no turns I was at Evesham (amazing bit of luck) and wondering why I had had no Flarm contacts with other people rushing up and down it. Thought about trying to pick it up again to go home but after turning the TP and looking back for it, strangely it seemed to have vanished! Way home required a lot more effort with some holes to cross and weak climbs but eventually near Leominster I made it to CB again, now 5k+, which allowed me a glide home (yay). 445, 671 and 494 all went to Talgarth and then either home or east a bit then home, well almost. Thanks to Tim for offering to crew and congratulations to Mark for winning Task week  🙂


Aug 122016

Not that I profess to being a weatherman of any quality but thought I would blog a weekends weather heads up;

Saturday: Looks a great ridge day and possible chance of some local wave, but rather too much amounts of cloud early on due to a cold front not clearing through cleanly or quickly. Still will be good for a 5hr duration attempt or field landing practice in the motor-glider or a 50km attempt mid-afternoon.

Sunday: High pressure builds with slack winds and plenty of morning sunshine before cloud amounts begin to build again.

Good soaring prospects both days.


Aug 072016

A beautiful day, finally, I mean a classic gliding day so we were not disappointed with a 360km variable barrel handicapped task. The Challenge Cup were at the front today and I was in the second wave of tugs so had to get a wiggle on which culminated in me forgetting to pick up my logger from control for a second time! Thankfully Lucy (of Shenington) raced down to get it for me, oh for crew!! So launching commenced at 11:30 and our start gate opened at 12:24, however cloud base was still a little on the low side although lift was a plentiful. I decided 13:00hrs would be a good start time but thought this a bit late for me since I’m a little glider and conditions were meant to blue up and freshen up wind wise, so brought it forward to 12:45. Then the start gate joker played its card and I lost my height and struggled to climb back up when approaching my time  🙁  Thankfully, once off down track I got my act together with some nice climbs, lost my way a little half way down leg 2 but picked it up again going into Cambridgeshire and met up with JF in a nice climb at TP2. At briefing someone asked is it wise to track straight through Mildenhall & Lakenheath as a couple of F15’s can really ruin your day, so it was with some surprise to spot one in the air, thankfully low down, when I was there – nice sight though. After TP3 the sky had a different look to it and then the CU started to disappear which made it harder work. Met up with JF again near TP4 on the way home then was chased in by 494 on the final glide 10k out, not a nice feeling. Hopefully I got them wet when I dumped my water – haha.

So a great flight for me, JF, 494 & FZ with the best Mynd time for the day. KA & 445 also got home so there were plenty of smiles all round. Pig roast followed with 167 tickets sold(!)

Today we have been gridded but it is a day off for me, 445 & KA.

DSC00081 (1280x960) A finisherAnother finisher