Jul 082019

An opportunity has arisen to fly as P2 at the Aston Down round of Rock Polishers on 27/28 July. As P2 with Jon Hall in Duo “KA”, you probably won’t do much of the flying, but you will learn much of how to go about the task of planning and executing a cross country flight – and that’s the most important bit to learn, doing the actual flying is really just a distraction!

To book your place or for more information, contact the office or me direct.



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Jun 102019

RP at the MyndOur round of the 2019 Rock Polishers series took place at the Mynd this weekend. Saturday was not suitable for XC flying, though some competitors did get to enjoy our ridge. Sunday was a better day, though very showery and challenging. Nevertheless it was enjoyed by all. Thanks to everyone who helped out and of course to Helen and friends for feeding us so well.

You can view the results here on Soaring Spot…



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Apr 302019

Forget all this “Spanish Plume” nonsense that the Daily Excess is peddling – what we’re getting this weekend is a proper cold front with some nice chilly air behind it. Not BBQ weather, but great for gliding, esp. XC gliding!

Too early to say which day (the models are currently failing to agree on anything), but somewhere in the timeframe Friday through Monday (coinciding with another BH weekend – unbelievable!) there is a brilliant XC day just waiting for you!

So get your jobs done and your tickets signed off (or have some very plausible excuses lined up), and be ready to go!


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Feb 112019

Overnight snow (!) melted very quickly, early low cloud cleared and by noon the kit was out and we had 20kt square onto the ridge. Not many customers, but those that were there had lots of fun. Notably our visitors from Essex with their PW6; Riccardo made more progress with his training; Holly kept herself current; Darce edged closer to that BI rating; Liz got checked out. Showers threatened on occasion during the day, but in the event, they all missed us.

Six instructors on the field, so we could have accommodated quite a bit more flying.

Perhaps it marks the start of some better weather – let’s hope so!


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Jan 062019

A much better day than forecast – as was yesterday. Long south launch in 5WNW. Matt Cook completed his acceptance checks with Steve and is now a fully fledged Assistant Instructor – congratulations Matt! Two returning trial lessons, Richard and Mike, both from the power world made excellent progress, as did Riccardo, completing his spinning and making a start on launch failures.

Seemed to be a circuit day until Holly and Chris proved us wrong, both completing half hour flights in the K23.

Shobdon’s Twin Astir made the trip for its ARC with Roger next week via an aerotow, which was different – and exploited the opportunity to take a few winch launches as well.

Thanks to Geoff for launching us (and Guy for standing in over lunch), Den for the trial lessons, Coley who was launch director, and everyone else who mucked in to help make the day slick and enjoyable.


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Nov 232018

Following on from an email sent to members last week, today is the last chance for you to have your say in what you want from our Cross Country Development program in 2019.

If you have already responded, we thank you, but if you haven’t and you have an interest in Cross Country gliding, we hope you will take the time to fill in this short (2 questions) questionnaire, so we can best tailor our 2019 program to suit you. It should take no more than 3 minutes, and will really help us deliver what you want in this area of flying

Please use this link … https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/9TVPLVV

You can use the comments box at the end to add anything else you’d like to see. If you have any other lengthier comments, or wish to discuss your own particular cross country circumstances, please do contact us at XCDevelopment@midlandgliding.club

Answers will be collated this evening (Fri 23rd Nov) so please don’t delay.

Cheers, Mark

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Aug 222018

Much better day than forecast. Managed to get 3 club two seaters round the task, though CCW missed the southern sector. Everyone got back – still to receive traces for Rod’s K6 and others possibly? First experience of AAT’s for some – hope the learning curve wasn’t too steep. Be warned and be aware, it’s a racing format I quite like!

You can see the results here … Soaring Spot

Four pre-Broze pilots had a taste of XC (Bob Moss in HCA, Steve Rudge in JGJ, Holly Harris in KA and Holly Rennel in CCW – thanks to all the P1’s involved)  – looking for some (or indeed all!) of you to take it through to a Cross Country Endorsement and represent us at Rock Polishers next year – … so no pressure then!!


(Pictures courtesy of Holly Harris)


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Jul 092018

The weekend just gone was a belter – although I couldn’t make it, gosh-darn-it! From the ladder I can see that KA and FVP had good flights, from word of mouth I know that 445 and K6 also made the most of it. Can I ask that you all please post your flights on the ladder, so the wider gliding public can see that the Mynd is a thriving XC club.

Today was good too, with 300’s for KA and 445.

Every day this week has merit, (and as much as you can say at this range, the weekend too), and decent XC flights should be possible on any of the days. Use the Club tasks, or else ask one of the XC pilots where they are going, and either fly that task, or else if seems a bit much (or too little!) for you, set a “Russian Doll” task based on the general task area. Do Check NOTAMS before you go – it’s a busy week, particularly on Friday.

So stay safe, have fun and I look forward to viewing the traces on the club ladder!


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Jul 062018

Bye-bye blue – The CUMULUS is back!

Yesterday was a cracker! Cloudbase to 7000ft with climbs nudging a reported 10 knots. I flew 275km in 445, Jon Hall and Richard Bennett 375km in KA – both traces on the ladder. Dave Rance (370km), Julian (210km), Dave & Rod, Mark Williams, Mike Dodwell and Steve Ward all went XC, please, please put your flights on the ladder, so the wider gliding community can see what a great XC site the Mynd is!

Looks like a proper good XC weekend in prospect – cumulus, 5000ft bases and light winds too, so the perfect start to Wood Week (but equally good for plastic of course!!)

Best weather once again likely to be to our south and east, so any of the club tasks should be on, if you are stuck for ideas of where to go … http://www.bgaladder.co.uk/ClubTasks.asp

If you have a spare place in your two-seater, or you are interested in flying XC as P2, please let me (or the office) know and I’ll put you in contact with each other.

So get up to the Mynd and have some fun!


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Jul 042018

All tasks start and finish at MYN

Task A: BCW-BAD-SOA (300km)

Task B: BCW-SOA (209km)

Task C: GRM-DRO (138km)

Task D: SH3-CLE (70km)

All tasks are variations of the same generally SE theme. Choose one that fits with your experience and expectation, but be prepared to fall-back if the day doesn’t develop as predicted.

Best leave site before noon – it will be much harder work to get away in the afternoon. Your return with a 5000+ft base predicted, will enable you to be on final glide from a long way out – that’s the theory anyway!!

Only significant NOTAM appears to be a Royal flight out of Kemble, but that’s all wrapped up by 11:10 local. However please double check my analysis and check again in the morning.

If you fly Task A, you’ll likely be crossing the Gloucestershire (Staverton) feathers to the east of the airfield. Their radar tells them our position, but not our height, which clearly makes them a little nervous. Good practice to give them a call (128.550) and let them know your position, height and intentions. They are very friendly, and it’s all good for safety and the power world’s perception of us.

See you tomorrow.


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Jul 032018

The models are very upbeat about this Thursday 5 July, all the way through the weekend and including Monday 9 July. Light winds, high bases, and yes… cumulus!!!

The detail may change, but now is the time to start re-arranging your calendar to make room for some XC flying.

If you are stuck for ideas on where to go, the club tasks (at this stage) all look on. Go to http://www.bgaladder.co.uk/ClubTasks.asp and scroll down to find the MGC Club Tasks. Discuss your task on the day with the No 1.

Lots of cut silage fields at the moment in our part of the world. There won’t be endless opportunities this season, so you should really be aiming to capitalise on at least one of these days.

If you have a spare place in your two-seater, or you are interested in flying XC as P2, please let me know and I’ll put you in contact with each other.

We’ll aim to publish some task suggestions the night before. So check the NOTAMS, make your plans, and maybe see you there?


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Jun 182018

The weather models are all going crazy this morning for Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun coming. Now that’s still a way off in forecasting terms, but you’d like to think that there’s no smoke without fire, so take this post as notice that perhaps you ought to be considering re-arranging your life a little …

Just sayin’


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May 062018

After two days of good natured competition, with over 2500km flown from the Mynd in brilliant sunshine, the Club made an excellent showing at Round 2 of the series.

You can see all of the results here on the Naviter Soaring Spot site :

Congratulations to Julian Fack who won the Intermediate class, and Mark Williams and Paul Shuttleworth who were runners-up in Novice and Pundit respectively.

Thanks to everyone who helped out to make it such a great weekend.


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Apr 302018

There are still some places remaining on next week’s course, so this is your final call to arms.

Gliding, particularly XC, is all about grasping the opportunities as they present. Last Thursday was a case in point. I had blogged that it looked a good day. Several members, as you’ll have read, grasped that particular nettle and gained Silver legs and in one case completed a Silver badge. I set an ambitious task for myself up to the Denbigh ridges, with concerns before take off, if I’m honest, about how viable the thermal soaring trip up to Llangollen would be in 25-30 knots of wind, and whether I might end up just local soaring! All that changed when I hit a solid 6 knot climb less than a minute into the flight and I went on to complete a memorable flight. What I’m saying is, you have to be in it to win it, and you never know what’s possible unless you give it a try.

Aim Higher could help you unlock your potential.

Kevin Atkinson, will once again be taking the reins, with informative, entertaining and thought provoking briefings in the mornings, lots of opportunities for XC flying, both solo and dual, as soon as it gets soarable, and debriefs once the hangar doors have closed!

As last year, the charge will be a nominal £10 per person per day to cover expenses, with flying at normal club rates.

Grasp the opportunity and get yourself booked in today by phoning or emailing the office – Aim Higher!


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Apr 262018

An excellent day that lived up to the pre-match hype! Rob, Mike and Paul were all on hand for training and lots of private owners were  out. Let’s see … Tim and Mark in FVP; Laurent (PZ); The David’s in the Astir; Dave Rance (TL); Dave and Bob in the Arcus; Simon in the Ventus; and I dug out 445 for the first time in six months!

A 25-30W wind kept things interesting, but the climbs were really strong which made up for it. Arcus and 445 went up to North Wales to run the Denbigh ridges; Tim Brunskill bagged both Silver duration AND height to finish off his badge; Mark Williams had a Silver height, and it sounds as if David Brown may have missed out by less than 50ft on his height claim!

Great buzz in the bar too at the end of the day. We’ll have a few more days like that, please!!


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Apr 252018

20W, so it’s a ridge day and very thermic, but without the same degree of shower potential as we are seeing today. Perfect for getting some extended local soaring time in. We have arranged an additional instructor. Please remember to book if you need two seater flying.

Probably a bit too windy for early XC, but there are other boxes you could tick …

Silver duration (5 hour) should be on. Spend the day thermalling and having fun, but with the ridge as a fall-back if there is a dead patch. (And it will be too windy for spraying – you know who you are!!!)

Silver height (a gain of 1000m or 3281ft) may also be possible. You will need to carry a logger. If it’s an approved logger with a barometric pressure sensor, then 1000m is all the gain you need. If it is an approved position recorder (i.e. the FR300) you will have to add on an extra 100m, so your gain will need to be 1100m or 3609ft. Remember to “notch” your trace, with a dive from the release at the top of the launch. If you can get down onto the ridge so much the better because you won’t have to climb so high to achieve the required gain.

In either case, discuss your plans with the No 1 before take-off.

For the more experienced, I have a couple of ideas in mind, to a bit of sky we don’t usually frequent …

The Denbigh Ridges MYN-DYS-DRS-DYS-MYN (243km) – some models show what may be a bit too much north in it.

Else: Uttoxeter-Lleweni Parc MYN-UTT-DRS -LLE -MYN (279km)

That may all change, of course!!


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Apr 152018

OwenGliderRecent member Owen Elias, seen here in the glider with daughters Sarah and Helen, chose us here at the Mynd to help him celebrate his 90th birthday. A virtual coach-load of family members were in attendance to watch him take to the skies. Owen made the mistake of telling me that he was sponsoring himself with a donation to the Alzheimer’s Society (an illness which claimed the life of his wife a couple of years ago) for every minute flown, with bonuses for aerobatics! So first up a couple of soaring flights, which he handled very well, then later an aerobatic sortie. Four loops and a couple of chandelles later (as his wallet begged for mercy!) he landed to applause and smiles all round.


Here he is again, being presented with a cake by his grand-daughter Elizabeth. Not sure where the other 87 candles are – probably too much of a fire hazard! Just look at the weather they brought with them – please come again – anytime!

Happy Birthday Owen – and many Happy Returns, from all of his family and all at the Midland Gliding Club!


In other news … A good day had by all with 75 launches by the close. Some more annual checks completed, lots of training, a smattering of trial lessons and a visiting party from North Hill here for the week, kept all four two-seaters busy. A few private owners flew, notably Rob and Dave in the Arcus who braved the murky and fairly low cloudbase conditions to get out to Llyn Brenig in Welshest of North Wales, although it cost them a bit of petrol to get home – see the flight on the Club Ladder.


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Apr 122018

If I was wanting to pick a day to go flying this weekend (and I am!), then that day would be … Saturday – not too hard a decision, since (at the moment) Friday and Sunday appear to be largely unflyable.

Anyway, back to Saturday … Cloudbase gets high enough mid-morning, with a decent afternoon in 10-15SSW.

Excellent for training, early solo, finishing off those annual checks (should be able to get a good high launch to the south, if you need it to finish off your spinning) and just getting airborne / staying current.

Not an early XC kind of a day, but should be a thermic kind of an afternoon, with plenty of opportunity for extended flight.

We have THREE instructors on duty on Saturday, so there should be more than adequate capacity. Booking would be ideal, but otherwise just turn up and surprise us, if that’s the way you roll!

Look out for updates on the WhatsApp group if anything materially changes between now and then, otherwise …

See you there.


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