Mar 042020

Dates and venues for the 2020 series are now available here on the club website …

Inter Club League (Rockpolishers)

Intermediates and Pundits, please let me know which of the dates you are available for, so I can start compiling the teams.

Novices, in my capacity as MGC Rockpolishers Captain, I will be stalking you individually!!

Mark S

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Feb 242020

The weather models are all liking Wednesday (26 Feb). Once again it’s 20-25 kt on the ridge and with thermal predicted to 4000 ASL, RASP is currently giving it a heady three and a half stars, which might even tempt some private owners to rig – mine’s still on ground risk until Sunday, unfortunately! There is hope for some of the days following, but absolutely no agreement between the models as to which those days might be, so I’m saying nothing, because there’s currently nothing to say.

Anyway, back to Wednesday …

 Can we tempt enough of you to  make a day of it?

I can run the field and instruct; Orch has once again very kindly offered to launch us.

If you are up for it, please make yourself known by teatime tomorrow and we’ll firm up on a plan.

Cheers, Mark S

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Feb 232020

Arrived at the club in the rain at 11:00, but it had cleared by 11:45 (phew!) and we took our first launch at around 12:30. A very pleasant afternoon after that with a strong ridge in 20-25W and some decent thermal action. With three instructors on the field, we could have handled quite a bit more business, but Andrew, Matt, Nigel, Clive, Dave W, Tim (from Sackville), Mark and Riccardo(!!) all had fun in the K21 and K23; and Orch launched us with his usual aplomb.

Where were you ...

View from the launch point … …

Keeping an eye on this coming Tuesday and Wednesday – fear not, if they look viable, you’ll be the first to know!

Mark S

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Feb 222020

Sunday now looking much better than previously forecast. After early low cloud and light rain clears, that pesky strong wind abates and we see a predicted and pleasant 15-20kt on the ridge and enough headroom to be able to use it.

So, on that basis, we’ll give you a nice lie in, convene at 11:00, and get cracking as soon as we can after that.

See you there tomorrow!

Mark S

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Feb 172020

Venue: Batemans Arms in Shobdon
Date: Tuesday 18 February
Time: 7:15pm – 9:15pm

Field Landings – Bob Pye
Want to do more XC Flying? Tips for practising, preparation and getting your confidence up – Rose Johnson

All very welcome.
(Sorry about the late notice)


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Feb 122020

A good time had by all – 20kt on the ridge and a thermal bonus that saw some climbing to 4000 ASL – not too shabby for February! Even managed a full beat of the ridge task for the first time in the K21! It’s on the ladder … https://www.bgaladder.net/dailyscores/flightdetails/83464

Thanks to Martin S, Nick, Bob, Steve R, Allan, James, and Andy, our visitor from Welland, for being so enthusiastic.

But mainly, the hero named Orch who launched us.

I’m keeping my eye on next Tuesday for more weekday fun!


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Feb 102020

After a wild Tuesday, Wednesday appears to be the apogee of the week’s weather with 20-25kt on the ridge and useful headroom, following which it is currently forecast to be a slow decline to another wet and windy weekend – deep joy! The weekend’s a long way off in weather forecasting terms, of course, so let’s endeavour to remain optimistic on that one.

Anyhoo, Wednesday is my day of choice, so…

 Is there any interest out there in making a day of it?

I can run the field and instruct. Then we need a winch driver and some “customers”.

If you are up for it, please make yourself known by lunchtime tomorrow and we’ll firm up on a plan.

Cheers, Mark S

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Feb 052020

Thursday 6 Feb – 5kt southerlies, clear and bright. High pressure, low inversion, no lift, the perfect day for getting stuff done, for instance …
A great motor gliding day:
For XC Endorsement: Get that field landing and/or Navigation exercise signed off
Annual field landing checks for low experience XC pilots
Or just head for the hills and enjoy the view!
Annual Check – Remember you can do this up to 90 days before the due date and still maintain the same anniversary date. So if your annual is due before May 6, why not do it now and beat the rush later in the season?
Currency Flights – Not too long to wait until spring. Stay current so you are ready for the spring thermals when they arrive.
(For any of these options, please book at mgcbooking@gmail.com so we can gauge demand sort out additional instructor(s) if required)

Friday 7 Feb – 15-20kt S/SSE with plenty of headroom. Should get a decent launch height as long as there’s not too much E component in it. Cold front moves in and spoils things later, but at the moment that’s not until after dark. Keep an eye on it, but currently looks an OK day.

Saturday 8 Feb – 20-25 SW with headroom. In the gap between two cold fronts. Timing currently looks perfect to get a day out of it before the second front arrives. If the wind forecast veers by another 20 degrees or so it would be a great ridge day too. Worthy of your continued attention.

Sunday 9 Feb – Oooeerrr missus! Currently Armageddon! – rain and 50+kt SW’erlies. I guess it may change, but I wouldn’t hold your breath!

Mark S

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Feb 032020

A very enjoyable impromptu day. Short west, 20W and plenty of headroom – a bit of wave for some, plenty of ridge fun for all. I think I counted eleven of us.

Must do it again sometime, as and when the weather plays ball – but there is nothing planned for tomorrow.


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Feb 022020

Monday (and possibly Tuesday) looking the best flying in the coming week, with 20kt on the ridge and a decent cloudbase.

Is there any interest out there in making a day of it?

I can run the field and instruct. Then we need a winch driver and some “customers”.

If you are up for it, please make yourself known today and we’ll firm up on a plan.

Cheers, Mark S

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Jan 192020


Further to Jon’s post, I’ve volunteered to coordinate club entries for the Wenlock Olympian Games 13-17 July.

To learn more about the event, click here

So if you’re interested in taking part, flying the K8 or K13 (whether as P1 or P2), either for the full week or maybe just part of it, let me know, either directly or via the office.

Let’s fill the sky with ply! (… and a quantity of steel tubing)

Mark S

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Jan 032020

Decent day as promised – ridge working from zero to 700 ft, plus weak thermal and a bit of wave in the morning, which seemed to disappear in a sulk after a very brief shower around noon. I had my first go in the Junior – seems nice enough despite the total(!) lack of any total energy compensation on the vario – either I couldn’t locate the magic switch that enables it, or else it just plain doesn’t work … answers on a postcard …

No pre-solo students, but Rob kept himself busy with a trial lesson plus a few checks, with follow-up rides in the Junior or K23. Holly tried the K21 out from the back seat and acquitted herself well.

Altogether a fine start to the year, and here’s to another one tomorrow. My top tip – plenty of warm and wind-proof clothing – remember there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate attire!

Happy New Year!


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Dec 222019

Long Mynd Soaring Club

It’s a funny old game – today we had a 15kt westerly, 1200ft base with plenty of gaps, five instructors and no students – all eating mince pies or wrapping Christmas swag, I guess.

So for the first time in my experience, we turned it into a soaring club, left the two-seaters in the hangar and just flew the single seaters. Orch launched us, Clive and Mark J took turns in the Junior, I tazzed about in the K23, Nige flew the Falke – alright, it’s a two seater, but he flew it alone! Ridge and a bit of wave. Nice day out – first time I’d flown in a while.

Happy Christmas to you all!


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Jul 082019

An opportunity has arisen to fly as P2 at the Aston Down round of Rock Polishers on 27/28 July. As P2 with Jon Hall in Duo “KA”, you probably won’t do much of the flying, but you will learn much of how to go about the task of planning and executing a cross country flight – and that’s the most important bit to learn, doing the actual flying is really just a distraction!

To book your place or for more information, contact the office or me direct.



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Jun 102019

RP at the MyndOur round of the 2019 Rock Polishers series took place at the Mynd this weekend. Saturday was not suitable for XC flying, though some competitors did get to enjoy our ridge. Sunday was a better day, though very showery and challenging. Nevertheless it was enjoyed by all. Thanks to everyone who helped out and of course to Helen and friends for feeding us so well.

You can view the results here on Soaring Spot…



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Apr 302019

Forget all this “Spanish Plume” nonsense that the Daily Excess is peddling – what we’re getting this weekend is a proper cold front with some nice chilly air behind it. Not BBQ weather, but great for gliding, esp. XC gliding!

Too early to say which day (the models are currently failing to agree on anything), but somewhere in the timeframe Friday through Monday (coinciding with another BH weekend – unbelievable!) there is a brilliant XC day just waiting for you!

So get your jobs done and your tickets signed off (or have some very plausible excuses lined up), and be ready to go!


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Feb 112019

Overnight snow (!) melted very quickly, early low cloud cleared and by noon the kit was out and we had 20kt square onto the ridge. Not many customers, but those that were there had lots of fun. Notably our visitors from Essex with their PW6; Riccardo made more progress with his training; Holly kept herself current; Darce edged closer to that BI rating; Liz got checked out. Showers threatened on occasion during the day, but in the event, they all missed us.

Six instructors on the field, so we could have accommodated quite a bit more flying.

Perhaps it marks the start of some better weather – let’s hope so!


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Jan 062019

A much better day than forecast – as was yesterday. Long south launch in 5WNW. Matt Cook completed his acceptance checks with Steve and is now a fully fledged Assistant Instructor – congratulations Matt! Two returning trial lessons, Richard and Mike, both from the power world made excellent progress, as did Riccardo, completing his spinning and making a start on launch failures.

Seemed to be a circuit day until Holly and Chris proved us wrong, both completing half hour flights in the K23.

Shobdon’s Twin Astir made the trip for its ARC with Roger next week via an aerotow, which was different – and exploited the opportunity to take a few winch launches as well.

Thanks to Geoff for launching us (and Guy for standing in over lunch), Den for the trial lessons, Coley who was launch director, and everyone else who mucked in to help make the day slick and enjoyable.


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