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Feb 112019

Saturday was a great winter club day. The day started slowly with a 40 knot WSW being a bit too strong to launch. As the morning progressed the wind died down and we started launching. Wave effects plus some actual-real-life sunshine and unstable air gave some fun flying. A strong rain shower came through at around midday and put us all on the ground for an hour so we retired to the club house for lunch.



The afternoon was great with wave everywhere to a teeth chatteringly cold 3500′. The club’s K21 and Twin Astir flew with Essex GC’s PW6 also airborne. 493, KGV and Essex CFI’s dolled up Libelle also whizzed about in the ridge and wave.

A great day’s flying in interesting conditions.



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Oct 252018

Tuesday was a cracking day for wave. RASP had forecast good wave prospects showing the wave system at low altitude early in the day. Coupled with a strong WNW it looked like it would be reachable from the ridge.

DC launched first in JGJ, and quickly disappeared up into the wave followed by North Hill’s DG505 and a handful of private gliders.

It turned out to be a splendid wave day with most gliders getting to 6000 QFE and Rob and Pete got to 11320 ft at Vyrnwy.

I met up with Tim B in FVP over Welshpool for a few minutes before whizzing back and braking down under the cloud at BCS.

It was a confusing outing for the nav computer; ~50 knot head winds gave me negative groundspeed plenty of times.

Above cloud in 493


Wave bars past Stiperstones

Wave bars past Stiperstones


Going backwards at 8 knots

Going backwards at 8 knots


Victor Papa looking good over Welshpool

Victor Papa over Welshpool


The RASP Wave Forecast for TuesdayThe RASP Wave Forecast for Tuesday

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