Rob Shepherd

Mar 132020

Hi all,

With the VGC Rally and Wenlock gliding events being hosted by the club this year, changes to the briefing room were required to provide a more versatile environment encompassing new IT infrastructure and the ability to brief to a greater number of pilots with the existing  floor space.

A 75″ TV with audio and a sliding whiteboard have been mounted on the West facing wall, the room has been uplifted with a lick of fresh paint and a new, smaller PC installed. The old chairs have been upholstered and new curtains are in the pipeline as well as energy saving LED down lighters which have already been installed in the ceiling.

The safety video for our Air Experience customers and clubs promotional video are already loaded onto the PC and we will soon have the various field layouts, launch failure options, ridge running and other customised PowerPoint presentations for our members, visitors and course members installed

The project is not yet finished so the room looks quite sparse at the moment but a few important photographs and prints relating to the clubs history are to be re-framed and mounted, some painting needs to be completed, new cabinetry for the PC and the 500k and club Chairmans boards are to be updated.

Lots of people have given up their time to get involved in this project including in no particular order, Steve Rudge, Rob Hanks, Gill and Nick LeGras, Denise Hughes, James Moore and apologies to anyone we have left out.




Aug 162019

Hi all,

Hazel Turner will be keeping a watchful eye over all pilots taking part in Task Week that starts tomorrow and we have embraced modern technology to locate you in the event of you landing out.

To make this work, you need a couple of things –

1/ A smart phone with the what3words app and Whatsapp loaded and allowed to use your     location.

2/ Hazel Turners contact details loaded into WhatsApp – 07500472778.

3/  Ideally, your retrieve crew need the what3words app on their phone.


Here’s how it works.

You land out, open up the what3words app and assuming you have a signal, it will locate your phone, on the bottom of the phone screen is a “Share” symbol, tap the share button then tap the WhatsApp symbol. On the top right hand side of the next screen is a magnifying glass or search symbol, find Hazels number, tap the white/green arrow symbol that then loads the information into WhatsApp then tap the white/green arrow to send.

It sounds complicated but it is very simple.

Once Hazel gets your information, she can locate your retrieve crew, give them the What3words code and they can come and get you. The great thing is that the app follows the phone in real time so if you move location, it updates the retrieve crew.





Have a great week, fly safe and have fun.


Cheers Rob

Jul 122018


A nice air to air photograph of a visiting Skylark.


Well, that was fun, 61 launches much of it colourful vintage gliders taking advantage of 6kt+ average climbs to a 5500ft cloud base, no great distances covered but congratulations Martin Howitt and John McLaughlin who both re-solo’d and Steve Rudge who progressed to Stage 3.

Thanks to Dave Crowson for tirelessly instructing, Charles Carter for looking after the trial lessons, Roger for flying anyone and everyone in the Capstan, Helen for providing some excellent food and last but not least thank you to those working very efficiently on the airfield who didn’t fly to ensure others could.

This evening is steak and quiz night.



Apr 052018

Maybe not quite as good as first thought but the sun shone, the temperature rose, light South Easterly winds, the hanger was emptied, private glass and wood took to the skies and the log book showed a total of 51 launches.

Instructors Dave Crowson, Mike Greenwood, Nigel Lassetter, Simon Adlard and Paul Fowler flew numerous club members getting them back in check whilst Charles Carter took care of our trial lessons.

No great achievements will appear on the ladder but what a great day seeing the launch point buzzing with members and the older gliders, K8, K6 and T21 outclimbing the Arcus, Duos and at one point, we were even above The Hankster….



20180405_120917 20180405_105354

Mar 262018

Hi all,

We currently have 42 members signed up to the MGC Flying WhatsApp group so that’s around 42%, as the better weather is fast approaching (honest), signing up to this app will give you the quickest updates on flying at the club as well as other information. Neal blogged the sign up requirements back in January and I have pasted them again for those interested.

I must emphasise that –

A/ You need to have WhatsApp installed on your phone.

B/ You must add your name in the apps status.

C/ You must add a recognisable photograph.


Happy flying



Whats app flying group

This is now working well, and for those who have forgotten the detail I am reproducing the instructions below :-

“The idea is that it will be another way for us to let you know quickly about flying prospects coming up in the very near future, and for you to find out prospects the night before you set out. This is in addition to & will complement the blog. We anticipate that the No 1 may use it the night before (and even from first light on the day maybe!), to say perhaps, “brilliant/busy day, come early”; “low cloud base to begin with, hangar doors will open at …”, “rain predicted all day, don’t bother”, so that (time-poor) members and the duty team may make the best use of their day. If, for you, the Mynd is as much a social club as a flying club (and there are many), then this will probably be of little interest, but as it develops we hope that this may be a useful service for members juggling many demands on their time, to help ensure that their visits to the club are as productive as possible.

If members of our flying community would like to join, obviously you need to have WhatsApp installed on your mobile phone.

For us to add you to the group you need to be in one of the Administrators’ contact lists, so please text “MGC Group request” plus your first and last name (and membership number if known …don’t worry if you don’t know it just say so!) to Rob Shepherd on 07709352826 or to Sarah Platt on 07754070357.

Rob or Sarah will store the contact and add you to the group. By requesting access, you give your consent for MGC to use your name & mobile data for this purpose only. You may withdraw your consent at any time by removing yourself from the group, and also by requesting Rob/myself to remove you from the list of contacts.

All group members should create a (recognisable) photo of themselves in the WhatsApp Settings, together with their name in the About field (where it probably says “I’m using WhatsApp”), so that we can all associate names and faces with the telephone numbers. Also in Settings>Account>Privacy, make sure “Profile Photo” and “About” are set to “Everyone”.

Apr 152017

A good turn out from the members today, RASP promised good things so Laurent, Dominic, Rob Hanks, Mark Sanders, d’Arcy, John Randall and Mike Greenwood rigged their respective machines and launched to the South with the ridge working well. The sky to the West was a combination of ridge lift with some good thermals to +5 but suppressed by wave, certainly the sky looked better to the North and East.

The K23 and Discus spent the day being flown by members, Neal flew myself, Jared and Martin Sloan in the K13 whilst Walter took care of the Air Experience flights.

The K6 Mob, Peter Turner, Steve Male and Nigel Holmes brought their gliders back on site, Peter and Steve rigged their E and took it up the wire to blow the dust off.

John O’Reilly and Den did a great job keeping the launch point in order and thanks to Dave Brown in the winch along with Fay and Jane keeping us all fed.

Nothing posted on the Ladder yet but hopefully those brave enough to venture on XC made it back safely.

Apr 092017

A good turn out for last nights AGM, plenty of debate, show of hands and an overview of what lies ahead, followed by another great meal put on by Fay, Jane and their helpers Rob and Dave.

This morning was bright and sunny, the hanger fully unpacked, Paul Fowler and Mat flying the Cadets in the K13 and T21, Den looking after Trial lessons sharing the glider with Guy who was assisting with those who had pre-booked training.

Simon, Number One for the day was busy with both Annual and Daily checks and the flying queues well managed by d’Arcy and Tony.

Nice to see such a great turn out by all doing various tasks including someone washing their caravan once every two years whether it needs it or not, that’s what happens when you reside next to Hartland Towers😄


No rain???


So many people


Martin in the front. Simon, well……..being Simon



Hat and gloves but no eye protection….tut tut.




Aug 262016

So, apologies for the lack of detail but it’s difficult to have all the facts being in a field South of Clee Hill but hey, I went off for my 50k, and failed again but at least I tried. Don’t believe anyone who says quarries alway work in the sun!

The task was Mynd, Willersley (WLL), Evesham, Worcester ( I think) then back to the Mynd.

Plenty of gliders launched, Rob Hanks, Mark Sanders, Dominic, d’Arcey, Rod, JF, 494 with Chris and Den, Mac, Orch, Pete Turner, John O’Rielly, John Randall and Coley in the Duo, John Hall in KA, JGJ with Nigel L and Steve Rudge, Mike Dodwell, Steve Foster and apologies to anyone I have missed out.

Landouts included (no particular order/distance)

Rob Shepherd

Mike Dodwell

Steve Foster

Nigel L & Steve Rudge



All pilots and gliders were retrieved and returned to the Mynd intact.

Thanks to the retrieve crews, Hazel in Control, JP for scoring, the fabulous folk who work hard in the kitchen, Ed the Winch, David “Retrieve Winch” Brown and everyone else who made it it such an enjoyable day.

I had the opportunity to hand out one of the Land Out packs devised by Nigel Holmes today, I didn’t give away the free flight but the farmer was well chuffed at the idea of being invited to an MGC bash in recognition of his cooperation. I would ask all XC pilots carry one of these packs whenever flying XC to recognise the farming community, collate their details and thank them for their support. These packs are available from Martin in the office.


Rob Shepherd



May 262016

Well, as Mark predicted, it was a cracking day for some XC flying and a generous offer from Julian soon had the rear seat of JF occupied by John Kingsley. Rob and Mark in their LS’s, Julian and John embarked on a task of  –

Montford Bridge-Shipston-on-Sour-Abergavenny SW-Mynd

Jon and Martin –

Snowdon/ Llangynidr Bridge/Telford East/Mynd but scrapped the Telford bit.

Bob Sharman rigged his K6 and flew to Telford/Worcester and back.

I took two hours heading North East into a 15k+ headwind trying to make Seighford and back for my elusive 50k Silver leg but gave up over Telford as by the time I had made any height gain, I found myself back where I started. A real game of snakes and ladders but by the time I had climbed a ladder, I slid down the snake, the disadvantage of a K6 found, especially when it only took me only 15 minutes to get back over the Mynd with 1875′ in hand!

Dave and Guy were instructing the  folks on the course making good progress, Dave B and Dave W rigged and flew their Astir, Steve Foster flew one of his fleet, Simon and Den took up residence in  a K13 for some instructor instructing!

Steve Male and Diana King went off in the motor floater on another training expedition.

A lovely meal provided by Fay and music in the bar rounded off another great day at the Mynd.

Hopefully some of the bold pilots will add a few photographs as Telford isn’t that pretty, even 4000′ away.