Gliding is an exciting and rewarding sport for people of all ages, male and female.  It is very affordable and not just a sport for the rich and privileged alone. Gliding is an inexpensive way to learn to fly. When gliding you are part of your surroundings, not just a passenger in a metal tube. It is “seat of the pants” flying, rather like that enjoyed by pioneer aviators. Flying a glider well depends on your aptitude, skill and judgment, coupled with a thorough training. At the Midland Gliding Club we specialise in training pilots at all levels from beginners to advanced cross country soaring and competition standards.  Gliding is the most cost effective way to learn to fly a fixed wing aircraft and experience goes a long way towards the requirements for a power licence.

There is no better way to start learning to fly than with gliders. They work just like a powered plane but without an engine to worry about.
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New membership year starts April
Try gliding before you commit with a  First Flight that includes three months free club membership. First Flight vouchers make incredible gifts all year round.
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The quickest way to progress to solo or to learn new skills.
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