Have you imagined soaring like a bird over the beautiful Shropshire countryside?

Gliding is the nearest thing you can get to flying like a bird

Our First Flight Vouchers make fantastic gifts for birthdays and special occasions

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Experience Gliding Whilst in Capable Hands

First Flight Experience vouchers enable you to fly with an experienced pilot for up to twenty minutes to see what gliding is all about.

First Flight Experience Vouchers give you the opportunity to experience gliding while in the capable hands of an experienced pilot.  Many of out pilots have been flying for most of their lives.  You will be given a safety briefing, introduced to the glider, have an explanation of how it works and then up to twenty minutes soaring (weather permitting).

Our two seat gliders provide dual controls and a remarkable view of the countryside over which you will be soaring.  If you are lucky you may join a Buzzard or Red Kite sharing the thermal with you!

How Do They Fly Without an Engine?

You may have seen gliders in the air and wondered what keeps them up there without an engine.  Gliders work like ay other airplane, just the launch method is different.

Now you can find out.  The various controls will all be explained when you take a First Flight.

First Flight Experience Vouchers

First Flight Experience Vouchers make fantastic gifts for birthdays and special occasions.  Order online now.  Vouchers are valid for at least twelve months.

You may purchase a First Flight Experience Voucher on line by clicking here.

Briefing Video

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