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Webcams and weather

We have various cams and weather stations displayed here.

Please always check the date and time on any images, just to make sure you are getting the most recent. Sometimes a device will go offline, and it might take a while to fix.

Not all the cams and weather stations on site belong to the MGC – we share information with the hang gliders and paragliders of the Long Mynd Soaring Club (LMSC).  For information from the LMSC and other sources of weather info click here

The rain data under reads, multiply by 3 for a more accurate value!

Time lapse webcams at the Mynd

On a mobile device, use these links instead: west cam and hangar cam and trailer cam. We are currently rearranging all the web cams and replacing the cameras with better quality ones. There may be some disruption while this takes place.

West cam: this is located in the club house, and shows the sky state facing west.

Hangar cam: this is mounted on the hangar, facing east.

Trailer cam: this faces SE over the rigging area.

Static webcams at the Mynd

MGC Webcam: Pointing west to the windsock at the MGC

Pointing west to windsock

LMSC Webcam: Pointing north to the LMSC launch site.

Updated at 10 minute intervals. (See here for previous images:https://www.mysolarcam.com/LongMyndNorth/)

LMSC webcam looking SSW down the ridge to Black KnollUpdated at 10-15 minute intervals. (See here for previous images:https://www.mysolarcam.com/LongMyndSouth/)