The Midland Gliding Club is more than just a club.

It is a mutual society, a group of friends with similar interests but different backgrounds,
who come together regularly to fly gliders.

Members include electricians, doctors, high court judges and engineers,
all contributing their skills and experience to the club.

Some of them drive winches, some instruct, but all of them
help out on the airfield and around the club to get things done.



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How it works

Every full member is a shareholder of the Mutual Society, entitled to a vote at an Annual General or Special General Meeting.  Every flying member can use the club fleet to be trained or fly solo.  We expect all members to contribute to the running of the club by taking on some of the jobs that need doing, such as cleaning gliders, driving winches and helping with maintenance.  As members progress some of them become instructors.

We support each other

Whilst gliding is fun it takes a team of at least five people, more if we are launching by bungee, to get one glider in the air.  So, we rely on the mutual help of members every day that we fly.  There are many jobs around the club from being a committee member, to running the day-to-day operations, feeding the social media pages or keeping our IT working.  Every single member has something that they can help with.  You’ll be surprised how many different skills we can muster!