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Introductory Membership

If you have decided to take up the exhilarating sport of gliding, this is the best choice for you. It provides a one-day Introduction to Gliding and Membership course and a full year’s membership.

You get:

  • The same one-day course as Introduction to Gliding & Membership
  • A full year, 12 months, associate membership
  • 5 hours inclusive glider flying time.
  • 30 minutes inclusive motor glider time to practice and perfect your stick and rudder skills.
  • Associate member discounts on weekday professionally lead courses.
  • All other fees are at the prevailing membership rates.
  • After your Introductory Membership, membership and fees are at the prevailing rates.


Throughout the year but Introductory Courses take place on specific, dedicated, weekends.

Introductory Courses

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