Introductory Membership


Decided to Learn to Glide?


Introductory Membership

If you have decided to take up the exhilarating sport of gliding, this is the best choice for you.  It provides a one-day Introduction to Gliding and Membership course and a full year’s membership and flying subscription at half price. 

If you take up Introductory Membership during the Covid-19 lockdown, you will benefit from a better than half price special offer price of £395.00.  This offer is only available during the lockdown.

You get:

  • The same one-day course as Introduction to Gliding & Membership
  • A full year, 12 months, membership, and inclusive glider flying time for a fixed price.
  • All other fees are at the prevailing membership rates.  You will pay for winch launches and motor glider flying time.
  • After your Introductory Membership, membership and glider flying time are at the prevailing rates.


Throughout the year, although we do recommend that you commence your membership at one of the Introduction to Gliding & Membership courses.  These courses take place on specific, dedicated, weekends.


  • Introductory Membership & Flying Subscription £436.50.  Reduced to (£395 during the Coronavirus lockdown).
  • Winch launches at £11.00 each.
  • Order in our online shop.

The twelve months Introductory Membership starts from whichever is first, the date of your first flight or the date of your one-day introductory course. 

To find out more on our range of services and membership you can download a copy of our leaflet (PDF format), Your Gliding Journey 2020.