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There are not enough Women participating in the sport of Gliding. But we intend to change that!

We have recently been accredited with the Women in Gliding Certificate by the British Gliding Association, and we are very roud of the achievement. But we need to do more, so we have appointed an ambassador, Sarah Platt, and are looking at what we can with on this page as we develop ideas. You can contact Sarah by sending her an email or telephoning the club office on 01588 650206.

Gliding is a Sport for Everyone

Gliding is truly a sport for everyone and at the Midland Gliding Club we have a strong and growing female membership.

Women are involved in all areas of the club including (but not limited to) instructing, driving the winch, serving on the club committee as well as on the British Gliding Team training squad.

Whether you just want to see the world from above, dream of doing aerobatics, or want to compete at the highest level, there is something for everyone.

Just get in touch and join our friendly bunch of like-minded women.

There's also a strong online community of female glider pilots, on social media and the web: womengliding.co.uk

Calling all women!

Are you interested in finding a new hobby? Just imagine being able to soar the skies using only the power of nature! Try gliding and experience the thrill of flying a glider for yourself!

We are looking for women to attend our National Women’s Go Gliding event on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April 2024 for a fully immersive introduction to the amazing world of gliding.

Sessions cost just £69 for half a day which includes a briefing, an introduction to ground operations and up to 2 training flights with a fully qualified instructor. Spaces are limited so please get in touch via Facebook Messenger, @midlandglidingclub or send an email to office@midlandgliding.club

Age: 12+

Limitations for safety:

Min Weight 6.5st Max Weight: 16st

Min Height: 5ft Max Height: 6ft 4in