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Every full member is a shareholder of the Mutual Society, entitled to a vote at an Annual General or Special General Meeting.  Every flying member can use the club fleet to be trained or fly solo.  We expect all members to contribute to the running of the club by taking on some of the jobs that need doing, such as cleaning gliders, driving winches and helping with maintenance.  As members progress some of them become instructors.  For more information click the button below.

You get:

  • A comprehensive pre-flight briefing
  • Approximately 20 minute flight time or two launches, depending on the conditions on the day, with an experienced pilot
  • After your First Flight, you can upgrade to our Introductory Membership package at a discounted rate if you’d like to continue learning to glide with us. Just pay the difference if upgrading within 14 days of your First Flight
  • Three month’s membership of the club including access to all the club’s facilities