Founded in 1934, the Midland Gliding Club is one of the oldest in the country.

We offer training from beginner to expert.

All the facilities on site for members and visitors.


Have you imagined soaring like a bird over the intoxicatingly beautiful Shropshire countryside?

Gliding is the nearest thing you can get to flying like a bird.  Powered only by the elements this is one of the greenest air sports.

Whether you are looking for a one of experience, to learn to glide or become a member, you have come to the right place.

The Long Mynd and the Midland Gliding Club are legendary.  They have a special place in the heart of glider pilots.


Gliding Experiences

If you are looking for a one-off gliding experience for yourself or a valued friend, our First Flights are just what you are looking for.

Learning to Glide

Wherever you are on your gliding journey, we have an option for you.


Summer Weekday Courses

Our courses are for pilots and prospective pilots of all levels; from those looking for a different holiday experience with some flying included, through to those with specific flying goals in mind.

We appreciate that everyone has different requirements. Our instructors tailor a flying program designed to give you the best chance of making progress.

We have all facilities on site:  comfortable accommodation, bar, food to savour….


Become a member

We are more than a local club.

Our members come from throughout the country and overseas.

Being part of a team is a big part of it.

We do things differently

We are not a commercial flying club, though we must charge fees to cover the costs.  We are a Mutual Society, a club, that depends on members doing many of the day-to-day things that enable the club to operate.

But that is only the start of what makes us different…