The club is a mutual society, with the goal of teaching people to fly gliders
and making it possible for members to fly club and privately owned gliders,
safely, from our airfield, as often as possible.

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Club Culture

This requires every member to take a share of the work required to keep the club open and functioning.

The committee is responsible for day-to-day management and delegates some responsibilities and duties to club members.

We employ professional instructors and a winch driver to run the summer courses.  We run summer courses to financially ensure that the club is open for member flying every day during the summer months.  If we do not run summer courses the club would only open at weekends, and possibly one week day, all year round.

We expect members to look after the equipment as if it is their own, especially cleaning gliders before they are put away each evening.

At the weekends all instruction is given by member instructors and is free of charge.

The subscription you pay to be a member of the club pays for the infrastructure; buildings, fencing, utility costs etc.  The money you pay for the hire of the gliders and launching pays only for the fleet and winch costs; maintenance, insurance, ARCs etc.

You can access a current list of charges by clicking here