The following is intended to help you make the most of a visit to the Midland Gliding Club by helping you understand the things that are and are not allowed or are recommended:

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  • Always close the main gate behind you
  • Report first to the office on arrival
  • Please read the signs
  • Never go airside without a safety briefing
  • Do not drive on the grass unless you are a member
  • Do not bring dogs unless leashed, and report first to the office
  • Animals are not allowed inside the clubhouse
  • There is a 15 mph speed limit on all parts of the airfield
  • No vehicles are allowed on any part of the airfield other than on designated roads and tracks, except for authorised club vehicles
  • Gliders can launch from and land almost anywhere on the airfield. If unsure what is happening do not proceed, stop and ask someone
  • In a vehicle have your side windows open and radio off so you can hear shouted instructions such as “STOP”
  • Never drive in front of a glider at the launch point as it may be about to launch
  • Never walk in front of the winches or moving gliders
  • Parking is available behind the trailer line outside the club house or in the over-spill car park to the south of the caravan park
  • Do not drive or park outside the hangar or workshop entrances or in front of the trailers
  • All the buildings are non-smoking areas, especially the hangar and workshops, which contain flammable liquids
  • If you hear an alarm whilst in the buildings proceed immediately to an assembly point