1 2 3 at Hus Bos regionals

29 Jul 2017

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The Mynd get podiums 1st, 2nd & 3rd at the Hus Bos Regionals on day 2(today). Way to go Mynd! Fran & Jonny Roberts came in a close 4th. JF (Julian Fack) was 1st followed by Mike Witton and yours truly 3rd.  All Mynd gliders got safely back although conditions were so dire KA decided on making use of the turbo, Simon even managed to do the 3rd leg twice! This leaves Mike Witton in overall 3rd place, a fantastic result for Mikee. Unfortunately there are no pictures due to poor light and rain, although Fran did record their final glide in today – so I’ll ask after a UTube link.