26th August Task day

26 Aug 2016

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So, apologies for the lack of detail but it’s difficult to have all the facts being in a field South of Clee Hill but hey, I went off for my 50k, and failed again but at least I tried. Don’t believe anyone who says quarries alway work in the sun!

The task was Mynd, Willersley (WLL), Evesham, Worcester ( I think) then back to the Mynd.

Plenty of gliders launched, Rob Hanks, Mark Sanders, Dominic, d’Arcey, Rod, JF, 494 with Chris and Den, Mac, Orch, Pete Turner, John O’Rielly, John Randall and Coley in the Duo, John Hall in KA, JGJ with Nigel L and Steve Rudge, Mike Dodwell, Steve Foster and apologies to anyone I have missed out.

Landouts included (no particular order/distance)

Rob Shepherd

Mike Dodwell

Steve Foster

Nigel L & Steve Rudge



All pilots and gliders were retrieved and returned to the Mynd intact.

Thanks to the retrieve crews, Hazel in Control, JP for scoring, the fabulous folk who work hard in the kitchen, Ed the Winch, David “Retrieve Winch” Brown and everyone else who made it it such an enjoyable day.

I had the opportunity to hand out one of the Land Out packs devised by Nigel Holmes today, I didn’t give away the free flight but the farmer was well chuffed at the idea of being invited to an MGC bash in recognition of his cooperation. I would ask all XC pilots carry one of these packs whenever flying XC to recognise the farming community, collate their details and thank them for their support. These packs are available from Martin in the office.


Rob Shepherd