Aim Higher 7-11 May – Final Call

30 Apr 2018

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There are still some places remaining on next week’s course, so this is your final call to arms.

Gliding, particularly XC, is all about grasping the opportunities as they present. Last Thursday was a case in point. I had blogged that it looked a good day. Several members, as you’ll have read, grasped that particular nettle and gained Silver legs and in one case completed a Silver badge. I set an ambitious task for myself up to the Denbigh ridges, with concerns before take off, if I’m honest, about how viable the thermal soaring trip up to Llangollen would be in 25-30 knots of wind, and whether I might end up just local soaring! All that changed when I hit a solid 6 knot climb less than a minute into the flight and I went on to complete a memorable flight. What I’m saying is, you have to be in it to win it, and you never know what’s possible unless you give it a try.

Aim Higher could help you unlock your potential.

Kevin Atkinson, will once again be taking the reins, with informative, entertaining and thought provoking briefings in the mornings, lots of opportunities for XC flying, both solo and dual, as soon as it gets soarable, and debriefs once the hangar doors have closed!

As last year, the charge will be a nominal £10 per person per day to cover expenses, with flying at normal club rates.

Grasp the opportunity and get yourself booked in today by phoning or emailing the office – Aim Higher!