Aim Higher at the Mynd

06 Jun 2017

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Following on from the Theory in March, the Aim Higher Flying course ran this weekend. Once again Kevin Atkinson was on hand to educate and inspire us with his excellent presentations, then we had the opportunity to put the theory into practice.

Saturday’s task took us to Bromsgrove, then Monmouth. Unfortunately the weather closed in on the second leg, so we all tried to scurry back home. Half a dozen land-outs gave us plenty to talk about in the bar that evening, (particularly the one into the potato field) but they were all safely executed.

Sunday was full of promise, but the “odd shower” ended being rather more persistent than any of the weather models had predicted. By 4pm we had given up and put the winches away when the sun came out and the Cu started to pop! You have to admire the duty team (Orch, Ed and Simon – thanks guys) who cheerfully set the field up again, so that the two gliders that had not yet de-rigged could take a launch. The conditions proved excellent and both managed to complete the 70km training task that had been set at the morning briefing. An object lesson in remaining optimistic and taking the opportunities as and when they arrive!

Sadly the weather models were spot on with Monday’s forecast – wet and windy. Kevin revisited some of the course topics; thermal structure, routing and decision making, flying final glides, use of water ballast and block speeds.

It was always the intention to use this course as a springboard to create our own “Aim Higher” syllabus for the club, so there was a discussion session for this. The detail has yet to be decided, but the purpose is to teach any post solo (and beyond) pilot the techniques they will need to become better soaring pilots, to build skills with dual learning and solo consolidation so that they have the confidence to venture further afield when the time comes.

If you are interested in taking part in Aim Higher at the Mynd, then contact me or the office.


(PS – If you are thinking of going flying this week, tomorrow (Wednesday) looks like the day)