Bronze Progression Courses


Bronze Progression Courses

We will be running a series of “Bronze Progression Courses” over the following weekends:

2c8fd0_1ce9d878246aaf9b065ed00caf7ff22c.jpg_srb_p_1226_855_75_22_0.50_1.20_002 – 03 March
06 – 07 April
18 – 19 May

These mini courses will focus on progressing members through the Bronze C qualification. On those weekends where flying is possible we will brief the exercises then go out on to the flying field and fly them.

On those weekends where flying is not possible we will run ground schools covering the requirements of the Bronze C exam subjects and also use the simulator to look at some of the flying exercises.

The intention is to run these mini courses in addition to the club’s normal flying activities so they will not  impact on other members opportunities to fly.  Even if you’ve already got your Bronze C you might like to sit in on the briefings as an early season refresher.

If these mini courses prove to be popular and useful in progressing members through the Bronze C then there is scope to add further dates later in the year, if the demand exists.

Last update: 10 Jan 2019