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14 Mar 2019

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Hi everyone time for my weekly blog again.  No one has bent my ear about how wrong SkySight was last week so I’ll try again.  I shall be at the club all this weekend so I can see for myself.

Friday will be post cold frontal and has a lot of high cloud, mid level cloud and Cu with a forecast of soarable conditions and decent headroom between 1130 and 1630 hours.  Winds will be a bit north of west around 25-30 knots.  There will be showers throughout the day but SS thinks it will mostly miss the Mynd.  Saturday is pre cold frontal and looks pretty grim with high, mid and low level cloud with embedded Cu.  Cloudbase will probably not allow any flying.  Winds will go south of west and remain strong, probably building.  There will be rain in the morning but should clear the Mynd by lunchtime.  Sunday is the gap between the cold front and an approaching occluded front.  The day looks considerably better with no high cloud, intermittent mid level cloud and lots of Cu giving soarable heights up to 4500′ asl from 1030 to 1530 hours.  Winds almost westerly all day starting off at about 20 knots and slackening a bit during the day and it could wave between Bishops Castle and Montgomery.  It will definately be wavy further west towards the coast.  But it will rain during the afternoon.

Your team this weekend
Saturday: William Brewis (No 1), Charles Carter (TLs), Stephen Alexander (winch), Jon Hall (LD)
Sunday: Clive Crocker (No 1), Matthew Cook (TLs), Stephen Alexander (winch), Glyn Macarthur (LD)

AGM 23rd March 2019
Don’t forget the AGM on 23rd March starting at 1700 hours in the clubhouse.  If you intend to stay for a meal after please put your name on the list displayed at the hatch from this weekend onward, or speak to Martin in the office or Helen by phone.  Helen Johnson takes over the catering from Sunday afternoon this weekend.  Many thanks to Fay, Rob and their many helpers for a splendid service since she took it on.  Nomination forms for the committee are available for download from the club website.

I’m happy to say that the first edition of the Newsletter seems to have been well received and to start with I intend to publish it quarterly.  So I’m looking for contributions of articles so I don’t have to write it all.  I have promises of some interesting pieces, have received one finished piece already, but need lots more.  I have a list of potential topics and I will be approaching some of you asking for contributions but if you have ideas for an article, or a regular column, please let me know.  I would like pieces on: instruments and avionics reviews, cross country achievements, or lack off, interesting field landings, things that you learned from things going wrong, competition reports, expedition reports, gliding related events, flying abroad, humorous pieces especially and lots and lots of pictures.  I need your help to make the Newsletter properly represent the club.  Don’t be shy in offering contributions.

We have a visiting group from Cambridge University with us from Saturday until the following Friday.  I know I can count on you all to make them feel at home.  Rob Hanks is the instructor in charge for the week and he will be grateful for any help you might be able to offer on the ground.

We now have a fully functioning all new Midland Gliding Club Twitter page @MidlandGliding.  If you are a Twitter user please do post stuff especially good images of us having a great time.  The more we post the more it gets re-tweeted around the many aviation and media followers, helping to promote the club.

Press and Media Officer
Still looking for a volunteer to help with Press and Media Relations.  It isn’t a committee job and just requires someone who can keep in touch with events at the club such as new solos, visiting, expeditions, special events etc. and write a decent Press Release and a Twitter/Facebook post, circulating to the relevant press and media operators in our region.  If we are to grow the club and attract new members this is a vital role.  It could be shared amongst a number of volunteers.

That’s all for now.
Happy landings.
Jon Hall
Acting Chairman