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14 Nov 2019

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Hi everyone
I had a look earlier at the club webcams and see that the ground is very wet and waterlogged again.  This prompts me to remind you that we need to look after the airfield over the winter months if it is going to be in good condition next year.  As we all know the problem is that if we create ruts and scars while the ground is wet, when it dries up, those ruts can cause damage to our gliders when launching and landing.  So please remember that when the ground is wet, only drive on it if you have to, only use a four wheel drive vehicle, preferably in low ratio, go slow, don’t brake hard and take wide slow turns.  When moving gliders most of the same applies as well as not using the wheel brake on landing unless you absolutely have to.  A bit of pre-planning during the circuit usually avoids the necessity. If you see any damage or divots try and do a repair.  A bit of prevention over the winter may save you damaging a glider next year.

Your Duty Teams this weekend are:
Saturday:  William Brewis (No 1), Mark Jerman (TLs), Peter Orchard (winch), Jon Hall (LD) – no Trial Lessons
Sunday:  Mark Jerman (No 2), Peter Orchard (winch), Laurant Couval – no Trial Lessons

2019/20 Winter Lectures
Our 2019/20 series of winter lectures starts on Saturday 23rd November with Chris Gill, CFI and adventure pilot at Denbigh GC, showing us what a wonderful place Snowdonia is in which to fly gliders.  Starts at 18:00 followed by the Mynd’s renowed Saturday evening dinner.  You don’t have to be a member to attend, all are welcome.  But if you’d like to eat call the kitchen, or need acconmodation call the office on 01588 650206 before hand.  Weather permitting Chris is intending to fly in with the EuroFox so if you need some aerotow practice he is promising to oblige.  However if the ground is wet and we still have northerly winds it may not be possible as his EuroFox has a tricycle undercarriage.

CAP1220: Operation of experimental aircraft under E conditions
The CAA have just published a revision to CAP1220.  If anyone is interested follow this link

2020 Club Expeditions
Now is the time to be thinking about your gliding ambitions for next year.  There will be expeditions to Llanbedr in Snowdonia in March (contact Nigel Lassiter), to Jaca in the Spanish Pyrenees in June (contact Clive Crocker) and to the Borders GC at Milfield on the edge of the Cheviot Hills, probably in October (contact Richard Bennett or Dave Cole).  Its likely that there will also be trips to Gap in the French Alps during the summer (ask Rob Hanks) and maybe even a trip to Ontur in southern Spain (if you are interested speak to Paul Shuttleworth).

Talking of Spain …
Thanks to Mike Greenwood for sending this link about ‘No more two-hour lunch breaks: the slow death of Spain’s menú del día’.

Motor Glider
Don’t forget that if the cloud base is too low for any meaningful training in a standard glider it may be possible to cover excercises in the motorglider.  The cost of a half hour in the Falke is roughly the same as three 4 minute winch launches and subsequent circuit flights.

Wenlock Christmas Fare
Last year the club attended the Wenlock Christmas Fare and sold several thousand pounds worth of Trial Lessons which helps significantly towards paying for our costs over the winter when we do a lot less flying.  We are going again this year, hopefully to do the same, and need help on the stand.  If you can spare some time on Saturday 7th December please contact James Moore via  He, and I, will be very grateful.

Bronze Theoretical Knowledge Training
Studying for and passing a comprehensive theoretical knowledge test is an important step for all glider pilots.
Like other clubs, the London GC runs a series of Bronze theoretical knowledge training sessions throughout the winter. London GC has offered access to their sessions to pilots from other clubs.
The sessions will be run on Saturday evenings from 11th January to 29th February from 5pm to 7pm. In addition, notes, links to reference material and sample questions are provided online.
To find out more, please contact London GC at Dunstable. Pre-booking is required.

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Meanwhile in NZ …
1800kms at 150 kph!


OLC (1839.64 km – 1728.37 pt – 153.06 km/h)

Happy landings
Jon Hall